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    The Error of John Calvin

    I was talking to this particular forum on ‘ Calvin’ . That the church today it would seem cannot either follow his argument (a common fault) or jump to their own conclusions rather as to what they think he is saying rather than follow his argument to his conclusions . As far as I can see he like...
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    The Error of John Calvin

    “For God so loved the world........” Everybody included nobody excluded . God is quite capable of saving everybody . That He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever .......” that’s anybody out of everybody .wether living on the streets or in a palace shall believe on Him shall not perish but...
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    Genesis 1:1-3: How is liquid water present prior to 'light'?

    “ In the beginning God created the heaveN and the earth “ It was not heaven that was in darkness but the earth .Gen 1:2 “For heaven needs no sun or moon for God is the light thereof” It was not God who was in darkness but man. “ For God is light and in Him there is no darkness nor shadow of...