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    Question to Bob or others

    I have a question for Bob or anyone who is well aquainted with his Bible teachings. Does Bob have any theories on what a soul and/or a spirit actually is in terms of matter and/or energy? If anyone else has any feedback or ideas on this subject, I would love to hear them.
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    another "95 million year old" non de-evolved fossil found

    I thought this post was appropriate considering that this goes hand in hand with Bob's post about the shark fossil. Here is the link and some interesting key excerpts. Enjoy! "What most surprised Fuchs and...
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    Question to Bob about supernovas

    Hey Bob, I remember you stating that we only have data on supernovas that are not more than 7000 light years away or so? To me of course this is a powerful arguement for a young earth, but how can I confirm this data if I want to use it in an arguement? Thanks for your time.
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    Smiley System Help

    When I open up the smiley menu to search for just the right smiley, I can't seem to figure out how to search for just the right one in the vast sea of smileys.. Plus the fact that many of them have been renamed makes it extra difficult for relatively inexperienced users of TOL such as myself...
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    Question for Bob

    Hey Bob, if one wants to seek pastoral training, is there a school you would recommend?
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    Huckabee on abortion

    Question, what is Huckabee's record on abortion? Is he pro life or pro choice?
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    How to become Bible teacher question

    This is just a question for all those who are in the know. I myself really have enjoyed Bob's teachings about scripture, and I find myself wanting to one day teach others about this material. What sort of background does one need in order to get ready to teach? Is seminary really necessary...
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    Floods carving out canyons, even today.

    Thought the Bob Enyart Live crew might find this little article interesting. Apparently, floods can in fact carve out canyons, fast. Imagine what a world wide flood would have done. I always love it when our beliefs are confirmed by...
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    Question about Bob on communion

    Hi, I have a question for either Bob or people who attend his church. What is Bob's position on communion. Does Denver Bible Church participate in the taking of communion? Thanks for your time.