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    ECT Mark of the Beast

    Had Jesus not observed the sabbath, no Jew woulda believed Him.
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    The KJVO myth: Phony as a Ford Corvette !

    The Origin of the Current KJVO myth By robycop3 Ever wonder where KJVO-the false doctrine that the KJV is the only valid English Bible translation out there came from? Here's the skinny: In 1930, a 7th Day Adventist official, Dr. Benjamin Wilkinson(1872-1968), published a book he named "Our...
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    Stopping the KJVO myth in its tracks...

    The KJVO myth is the false belief that the KJV is the only valid English Bible translation. Without going into its many other falsehoods, there's one fact that automatically renders it false - ITS TOTAL LACK OF SCRIPTURAL SUPPORT. No doctrine of faith/worship can be true without Scriptural...
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    Trump WANTS to be impeached !

    Trump wants to be impeached, although he won't come right out & say it. Why ? He knows the Senate would find him "not guilty" & it'd blow up in the Dems' faces. Pelosi knows this as well & that's why she won't outright call for the House to impeach him. We see how the Senate goes in their...