born in calif. raised in alaska, have three sons, I'm a school bus driver and love to study the KJV, though I use other versions for research.I love the times were in.Ephesioans says, when weve done all we can do then just stand,don't give up ground.

mama cat, sum-doku, learning to read-write-speak hebrew, study torah-galatians-romans...,playing rummukub with a 7 year old-loads of fun, crochet when i have fun...
Mar 31, 1953 (Age: 68)
Yermo, California
school bus driver of last 10 years and lovin it
Religious Affiliation
Messianic Jew
Political Spectrum
Right Winger
Slogan or motto
Obey YHVH's commandments in His Torah, keeping the testimony of Yeshua. Which includs keeping the Sabbath Day holy.
A little bit more about me
political spectrum needs a "none of the above" in attempting to follow Yeshua I try not to have religious, political, philisophical or viewpoints other than the scriptures...wow...is this hard.