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    31 Reasons To Reject The Jab

    Not a good track record for democrat "experts" and "leaders."
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    Belief in evolution reinforced racism.

    Ota Benga served as the evolutionist's proof that humans were blood descendants of African apes and half-ape/half-human savages.
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    You will own nothing

    Let's consider some possible causes for the origin of the universe being floated around in science classrooms: 1. God created the universe. 2. Nobody created the universe, it just happened. 3. Pure luck created the universe. 4. Aliens did it. 5. Evolution did it. 6. Electrical and...
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    31 Reasons To Reject The Jab

    Fauci: I didn't have nuthing to do with funding the lab which invented covid. Cuomo: Trump was responsible for all covid deaths in NY rest homes. Biden: Trump allowed hundreds of thousands of Americans to die from covid. I am here to put a stop to covid deaths. CDC: Vaccines don't hurt...
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    We're Not Ready To Say Goodbye To War Just Yet.

    Justin Garner, a young 25-year-old police officer in the small town of Carthage, got the call about an active shooter at 10:00 am, Sunday, 3-29-2009. He was the only officer on duty at the time. He raced to the scene and entered the rest home where he confronted the shooter at 10:05 am. He...
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    31 Reasons To Reject The Jab

    Once a person has been brainwashed into believing a lie he will go to the grave convinced the lie is true. Sadly, democrats with crazy ideas about covid and vaccines are trying to push their unscientific foolishness on everyone to the greater harm of the whole nation.
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    31 Reasons To Reject The Jab

    Vaccines are not preventing covid deaths from among hundreds or thousands of elderly Americans.
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    31 Reasons To Reject The Jab

    How many hundreds or thousands of vaccine supporters died shortly after taking the covid jab as Hank Aaron did?
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    Midwest and Sothwest airlines canceling flights

    Just because no 'do-gooder government bootlick' wants to assess blame on the vaccine is no justification for blindly declaring the vaccine was not to blame. The names of people...
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    Trump tells his followers that "Republicans will not be voting in '22 or '24"

    Age and declining mental and physical health make candidates unqualified for office? I tend to agree.
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    Steve Bannon: "You need to kill this [Biden] administration in its crib."

    Hundreds of leftist protesters were in the Capitol that day to protest the congressional hearings on voter fraud.
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    Steve Bannon: "You need to kill this [Biden] administration in its crib."

    Far-right ideologues support American freedom and free enterprise and that is good. Leftists support socialism and communism in opposition to traditional American freedoms and free enterprise, and that is bad.
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    Steve Bannon: "You need to kill this [Biden] administration in its crib."

    Leading politicians and spokespeople sometimes talk tough, but never actually do anything wrong or dangerous. They are not as tough as they make themselves out to be.
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    Joe the Rapist's Death Count

    Deluded and deranged leftists continue to believe and promote the stupid leftist narrative that Trump is responsible for every covid death in the country, as well as responsible for the devastating $5 trillion in economic losses due to brutal shutdown and vaccine mandates and restrictions. That...
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    Gas prices are skyrocketing because of Biden

    Of course deluded and deranged leftists continue to blame Trump for the disaster the democrat shutdown measures have created, but Americans are stupid if they buy that nonsense. From the following article see if you can see why republicans have been advocating fully opening the country back up...