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  • Thank you HS for responding,

    I am non denominational and do not consider the divisions in the Body of Christ as being good, at all! There are indeed two or more levels in Freemasonry and the Satanic side is not open to all members. It is no coincidence that my father ( a long time mason) and the other masons that live in this small town, are indeed sold out to Satan. I hope and pray that the vale of deception that is throughout masonry is lifted so you can see this truth.

    THANK YOU for responding. I am truly overwhelmed even to acknowledge a real sunken feeling in my chest as I write this. You have chosen your path and I pray that Our Lord will protect you.
    HS, I just discovered a book that is available online free to read by Fred Husted Circa 1910. The Subject Treated From A Bible Standpoint Showing The Difference Between Masonic Religion And Bible Salvation. I used the Blekko SSL search engine to find it. Please Read This. I am currently doing the same. I truly care about what happens to you!
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