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    God honored Marriage

    Would God have honored / blessed the marriage of David and Bathsheba?
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    The seventh day

    Why do some believe that we are currently in God's seventh day...the day of rest?
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    Could God have provided salvation to us, without the physical death of Jesus?
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    Were Early Church Fathers Young Earth Creationists?

    Theistic evolutionists often argue that young earth 'creationism' is a recent belief. However that argument doesn't seem to hold water as the early church fathers were virtually all young earth creationists. Yet the argument is often used by those who want to add time into Scripture, that the...
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    Does God Decieve?

    No, I don't think God decieves, but I'm not sure why He sends delusion to those who already have rejected Him. Thess. 2:12 “God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false”
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    It is time to make human and chimp hybrids

    A biologist suggests it is time...and, it is ethical to create humanzee's. How and why can any intelligent person think this is ethical? What would drive a person to suggest something so immoral? I think what drives this, is...
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    I left my heart, and pants in Cuba..Now what?

    I have a problem. How can I live with the wealth we have in North America knowing a Christian brother is hungry, or needing clothes? I have been back from Cuba for six days now, and I am struggling with the wealth disparity between us and our Christian brothers and sisters. I am struggling with...
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    There are no eyewitness accounts of the historical Jeaus

    My question is not IF there is evidence of Jesus; there are few historians who question the personhood of Jesus. The question is WHY some intelligent atheists accept other historical figures on far les evidence, yet argue about Jesus. Is it simply trolling, or is something else going on?
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    Left Wing?

    Was Hitler a left wing guy? He musta been cuz I'm right wing, and wasn't like me.
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    What was the purpose of the cruel cross? Jesus could have chosen something easier.

    Please... Answer this question*with gentleness and respect. ( 1 Peter 3:15). IOW... answer as if you are speaking to someone who may be *a new christian, but has a different understanding of the signicance of the the cross (physical death). This person said "why Did Christ need to die a physical...
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    Perhaps a silly question..... If every descendant of Abraham was removed from the land of Israel.... then, has Satan defeated God? (Isn't there a promise about a remnant in the land?) IOW, Is Satan behind the world's hatred of the nation of Israel, and the Jewish people?
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    Neandertals- Adam's Grandchildren- Your Grandparent's

    Neandertals seem to make a news article every couple weeks. In almost every article, we see the truth of God's Word... the humanity of everyone who is a descendant of Adam. And, we see evolutionists admitting surprise as their beliefs about "primitive" and dim witted man are proven false. I...
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    My Daughter - Dec. 15 / 2012

    Thus is my daughters 4 years ago today....I was a mess. Completely broken and more sad than you can imagine. Little did I know on that dark and drunken night my life was about to change! I was living in a world without hope or faith....surrounded by fear and hostility.* I...
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    Atheist says Creatinionist Wins...

    Headline from a prominent atheist website declares "Creationist Wins Six-Figure Settlement After Getting Fired From a California University". Reading...
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    Wiki Leaks, Catholics and Aliens

    Recently I posted a thread suggesting any 'alien invasion' will actually be demons and Satans attempt at gaining the world. Today.... it seems like the Vatican is in getting people to believe and accept aliens as being compatible with scripture. Part of the most rent Wiki leaks dump contains...