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Predestination and freedom

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    One lavished upon in the Beloved


    • Originally posted by Totton Linnet View Post
      We have heard that because God predestined us this makes us robots, I say it sets us gloriously FREE.

      When God first created man He did not come and say please, He did not curtsy, He did not even enter into negotiations. That's what I love about God, He goes right ahead and does what He wants to.

      The golden key to enjoying God is TRUST, believing that He really does know best, what is best for us. He knows that better than we know it ourselves.

      Because God did not curtsy or enter into negotiations with us, He did not ask anybody how many toes they would like does not and has not made any man a robot.

      If God did not feel constrained in any way to seek our permission or approval when He of His free sovereign grace decided to grant us natural life, what in the world makes you to imagine that He would need seek our permission or approval when He grants by free sovereign grace spiritual life?

      The world is locked up in freewill which is not free at all but in bondage to sin and death. Christ sets us FREE from is exactly that which was leading us ever forward to death, and judgement.

      Alas! the vast majority of the church having been SET FREE from what? from themselves [freewill which is bondage] and free from devil. Very soon after take back unto themselves the delusion [for so it is] of freewill.

      THAT is what is wrong with the church. It is backsliding. We had submitted to the Lord an to seeking HIS WILL, but now we fallen back again to that which got us into trouble in the first place. [I assure that this is the
      very cause of a great deal of the sorrows and trials and hardships that christians are in]
      God's will for us is PERFECT FREEDOM for then we are the very person we are created to be. And we will be like Jesus, for that is what we are predestined to be.

      Good but incomplete


      • Originally posted by View Post

        Calvinism is nothing more than the Bible.

        God is more than the Bible...

        Your Salvation by Grace through the Faith of Jesus Christ which He gave to His Apostles is not of yourself - This Salvation is the Gift of God...

        The Kingdom of Heaven is here and now, and the strong are taking it by force...

        If any is willing, after Me to be following, let him first deny himself, then take up his own cross and be following Me...

        The Christian Faith is a God-quest...

        Or it is nothing...