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The Flood, what happened?

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    Nothing that man touches is ever perfect.

    The men of the priest class who rejected the original gospel then killed the Son of God were far from perfect.

    Moses was a reformer of previous practices. Subsequent generations rewrote and added to what Moses wrote. Men kept adding and editing, so 40 authors means nothing. The church un-inspired some of the books and forbid them.

    If you want to stay small minded and forced to justify child rape and murder blamed on God then you can have your faith in the writings of men.

    "Mortal man was never the property of the archdeceivers. Jesus did not die to ransom man from the clutch of the apostate rulers and fallen princes of the spheres. The Father in heaven never conceived of such crass injustice as damning a mortal soul because of the evil doing of his ancestors."UB


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      Re: The Flood, what happened?

      FAQ: Is it possible that the Flood was local rather than global?

      A: Well; the problem with that theory is: the waters breeched the highest mountains by fifteen cubits (22½ feet). So then, if perchance Noah lived in a geographic basin, the waters would have overflowed the mountains surrounding him and kept on going before they ever got up to that 22½ feet of extra elevation.

      But the water would start spilling past Noah's area long before it breeched the tops of the highest mountains surrounding him because mountain ranges aren't shaped smooth, level, and even like the rim of a domestic bath tub. No; they're very irregular and consist of high points and low points; viz: peaks, valleys, canyons, saddles, and passes.

      Thus mountain ranges make poor bath tubs because you would lose water through the low points before it even had a chance to fill to the peaks. In point of fact, were the sides of your bathtub shaped like a mountain range; you could never fill it. And in trying to; just end up with water all over the floor.


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        The text of Scripture in Genesis 6–8 clearly teaches that the Flood was global, and scientist are finding the evidence world wide, not a little place in the Middle East.