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the real origin of earth's radioactive elements

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  • the real origin of earth's radioactive elements

    Once upon a time Earth was claimed to be 4.54 million years old. That silly figure was based on a fantasy that had bigbang dust agglommerating to make Earth. (Just how said dust also made the sun is never explained.)
    The dust ball was supposed to have radioactive matter in it and over the 4.54 BY it decayed into lead as it seems there is slight residual radioactivity around lead veins. THis age is confirmed by quote: 'The Holsinger meteorite, the largest piece of the Canyon Diablo meteorite. Uranium–lead dating and lead–lead dating on this meteorite allowed refinement of the age of the Earth to 4.55 billion ± 70 million year.'
    But curioiusly just last night on UK tv Brian Cox who believes himself evolved from monkeys actually said Earth was just 3.7 BYO! It's lost 800 million in just two years! Quelle diabolique!
    Earth is decaying faster than ever. In just about 1,000 years it will have to be renewed by GOD!
    The scientists prattle on about lead isotopes with half lives of 100 trillion trillion years.
    I think they may be wrong.
    As for the origins of radioactivity we know that it didn't come from outer space clinging to the hair of the monster that Gloria Talbot married in the 1958 fillum.

    Quote: 'The world's present measured resources of uranium (6.1 Mt) in the cost category less than three times present spot prices and used only in conventional reactors, are enough to last for about 90 years.' Less than 3 million tons of the stuff have been mined since 1945! This is such a tiny fragment of Earth's mass that the idea uranium was contained in the bigbang dust is ludicrous!

    Curiously the World Nuclear Association separates bedrock, Earth's continental crust and Flood sediments when really they are all the same thing and formed from the same elements GOD put in that ball of water in Gensis 1:2.
    Coal is claimed to be a big source of radioactive materials but as all coal is the mass of vegetation buried quickly during The Flood its radioactivity must be asociated with the flood as GOD designed masses of worms and similar creatures to safely and quickly recycle all vegetation.

    As radioactive material is bad for humans it is inconceivable that GOD would have included any in His Earth recipe. When quartz is crushed it gives off electricity. Massive shocks of the flood generated massive jolts of electricity worldwide. Ukranian scientists have generated radioactive materials with jolts of electricity. It is there fore logical that the Flood created all the radioactive materials that were then thoroughly stirred into all the soils under the swirling waters.
    When the Flood waters drained off there would be traces of radioactive matter worldwide and much of the seawater would have minute traces.
    Where the great crust slabs rose and fell agaisnt each other continued creaion of radioactive materials woudl occur which is why uranium can be found in veins where the electricty tracked up the cracks.

    This is just a simple overview for the people who think themselves evolved from radioactive monkeys.