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Flood Topography all over the Earth.

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  • Flood Topography all over the Earth.

    On all land around the world is visible topography left by The Flood about 4,350 years ago.
    This topography comprises wide flat-topped plateaus or mesas with sides deeply grooved with rills and gullies that lead down to flat wide valleys filled with fine sediments and with or without a small central river.
    This topography can be seen all over the world. I like watching Spaghetti Westerns and Spaghetti Warfilms that were made in the 1960-80s and generally used locations in former Italian countries or Spain with the topography. Many Hollywood films with cowboy or outdoors themes were shot in areas with the topography visible in the background.
    This topgraphy was made as during the first 150 days of the flood masses of hot water was geysering out of Earth and masses of cold rain or geyser condensate was falling. All this water triggered repeated flash floods that in turn stripped human, creatures, artefacts and vegetation from each area before the subsoils and contents were washed aaway and then the lower subsoils flowed away.
    All this loose matter was repeatedly stirred by the rising and falling waters until on day 150 the geysers were exhausted and the skies empty. Then GOD ordered the waters to stop and begin drining back under the Earth's crust and evaporating back into the sky until after 47 days the ark touched the top of the mountains under the dirty waters. On day 270 the tops of the mountains were visible under the water. On day 310 Noah sent the raven out and maybe it didn't returns having found floating carrion to eat or vegetation to roost on. Or maybe it came back as Genesis 8:7 isn't clear. On Day 317 Noah sent out the dove but it didn't find dry land and came back. On Day 324 he sent the dove out and it came back with a fresh olive leaf. On Day 331 he sent the dove again but it did not return. It took another 40 days for the sediments to dry out enough. On Day 371 Noah led family and creatures out onto dry land that flushed green over the mountain slopes.
    What this means to a True Christian is that for 150 days a great depth of very dirty water covered everything and was gradually dropping its loads of large and small sediments,creatures, humans, Nephilim, fish and vegetations in deep layers that was all covered in more sedimentary layers of fine materials. Logically vegetation and organic fragments would float longer than soils and then be covered with fine sediments of varying thickness to make todays gas,oils and coals.
    From Day 150 the water started lowering by draining into the voids under the crust or evaporating to make thick clouds.
    As the levels dropped to reveal the mountain tops dried it logically follows that soft sediments would be flowing down hill?
    As the draining continued more sediments would flow and cut deep gullies. Eventually the water level would reach the levelled soft sedimentary layer and lots of that would slump and flow away just as the Condit Dam video shows.

    The Grand Canyon has plateau top area and th highest canyon is actually above the level of the possible source of water and so must have been formed during the flood darin off and not cut by the little river eroding hard rock over hundreds of thousands of years.
    As the draining was a slow process as an area of plateau was exposed it would start drying and hardening as it lost water - just as we see sand dry quickly on a beach as a wave recedes? Some of the plateaus would remain and dry hard as we see them today. Gullies would form in the plateau sides as water drained out.
    Some of the sediments would dry to form sandstones or pudding stone while some would form shales such as the carboniferous shale that the brickworks I grew up beside excavated and used because carboniferous means it had lots of Flood organic matter and didn't need much coal to burn for heat to bake properly.
    THis website is a local history society and shows typical flood sediments and how the sandstone hardened between soft layers. They prattle on about millions of years to fossilise trees etc. They also say ammonites are 350 MYO!

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    Watch some videos of the Condit Dam. This is a good one as at 9:25 great masses of sediments can be seen slumping away as adjacent supporting masses have slumped.
    This slumping is what made the great canyons around the world. Logically of course as the Flood drained quite slowly the slumping and masses would cover great areas such as the entire area of the Butte region where only columns of rock remain but they originally formed as sediments flowing back into a void through already settled firm sediments. It's impossible to estimate the weight of sediments that flowed away to leave all the buttes.