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A Lawrence Krauss emotional outburst: "I don't believe anything!"

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  • A Lawrence Krauss emotional outburst: "I don't believe anything!"

    In an exchange between Bob Enyart and Lawrence Krauss, at about 9:35 in the audio, we hear Krauss exclaim:

    I don't even use the word 'believe'; scientists don't use the word 'believe'. I don't believe anything.
    Right after having said, "I don't even use the word 'believe'; scientists don't use the word 'believe'!", Krauss, of course, gives the lie to what he has just said, by using that very word, 'believe', in claiming, "I don't believe anything!"

    Of course, no rationally-thinking person believes that Krauss does not believe anything. Nor even that Krauss, himself, believes that Krauss does not believe anything. Unfortunately for Krauss, if he really does not believe anything, then he does not know anything. Even one of Krauss's own, fellow Christ-haters--Matt Dillahunty--knows that to know X is to believe X. In a debate with Sye Ten Bruggencate, Dillahunty says:

    What does it mean to say somebody believes something? In simplest terms, it means that we become convinced that the proposition is true. Philosophers have toiled over the definition of knowledge, and while there are many unresolved issues, there are two things that are generally conceded. The first is that knowledge is a subset of belief. One of the most common definitions of knowledge is "justified, true belief", and this is because Plato argued that nothing counts as knowledge if it isn't believed, isn't true, and isn't justified--which makes knowledge a subcategory of belief.
    If Lawrence Krauss does not believe that the sun is hot, then Krauss does not know that the sun is hot.

    Now, one thing, I grant, Krauss--a Darwin cheerleader--does not believe: Darwinism, aka "evolution", or "the theory of evolution". Nobody believes Darwinism--not even the most rabidly enthusiastic Darwin cheerleaders--because Darwinism is sheer nonsense. For something to be believed, it must either be true, or false. Nonsense is neither true, nor false. Being sheer nonsense, Darwinism is not only not true, but it does not even rise to the level of being false.

    Take a look at this trite imperative shouted by movie actor, Harrison Ford:
    Stop giving power to people who don't believe in science, or--worse than that--pretend they don't believe in science, for their own self-interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#$&*!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

    Which is it, Mr. Krauss? Do you not believe in science, or do you pretend you don't believe in science, for your own self-interest?

    If you hear some vain jangler try the puerile, anti-intellectual "I don't believe anything!" shtick exhibited by Mr. Krauss, above, I recommend you respond by pointing out to such a talker that he, therefore, obviously neither desires, nor expects, you, nor anybody else, to believe anything that he says to you; for, if he does not believe anything, then he does not even believe anything he tells you--and so, why should you?
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