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Let's pick a TULIP fight - Unlimited atonement

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  • Let's pick a TULIP fight - Unlimited atonement

    I think folks that hold to unlimited atonement are like people who say:
    "Everyone is special" and it really means no one is.

    I mean, if they are right than there are billions of people "Jesus died for" who are going to rot in hell. That's enough to make me want to go earn indulgences, cause Jesus alone isn't very assuring. :devil

    But I would go further cause lets take off the gloves in the no holds (lol).

    If unlimited atonement is true, than God loves everyone that decides to love him. And he dooms everyone that doesn't.

    I mean, right off the bat I think we should hold God to a higher standard than tax collectors (who love those who love them). And I think people WANT to think of God that way, and it's funny that God turns out like a plebian in their schemes.

    Now, a God who dies to save his enemy's like unlimited atonement... that sounds like Romans.

    So I think unlimited atonement should be treated like open theology, aka laughed at.