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  • The LOST!!

    The LOST!!

    ((((( This is a Thread that the Anti'christians AND The Anti'americans must, and """WILL Remove from TOL""" ))))).

    It is HARD for me to Believe that Knight Allowed me to be BANNED The Way I Was ( Aug. 26th ). --- ((( """K-N-I-G-H-T""" )))???!!!!!!!!!!
    ((( The LAW On The BACK ALLEY ""I-S"" And SAYS The FOLLOWING ))).>>

    """((( The Back Alley is where Unsanctioned, No Holds Barred Battles Take Place )))"""
    ((( READ THAT!!! -- WHAT DOES THE LAW SAY??? -- I Broke NO LAW!! And Disrupted NO ONE W-H-E-R-E ""I"" Stay A-L-L THE TIME!!!
    ((( THE """W-O-M-A-N THAT BANNED Me""" IN The BACK ALLEY, "S-H-E" (( B-R-O-K-E THE BACK ALLEY L-A-W-S!!! -- NOT ME!!!
    I Was accused of "Blaspheming" the Word of God, AND (( I DID NOT ))!! - A LIE Was told about What I SAID!! -- (( I Said that the Bible DID NOT S-A-Y What ( """I SAID""" ) was or was not the Truth ))!! The Scriptures Just Say What T-H-E-Y --- S-A-Y, Not What You or I SAY!!! And the Scriptures WAS NOT GIVEN!! -- And the L-I-E Was ""E-X-C-E-P-T-E-D"" and I Was BANNED "FOUR DAYS!!!" (((( I DID NOT ""BLASPHEME"" ANYTHING; - YOU Have Blasphemed ME ))))!!!!!!! -- YOU """T-W-O""" Blasphemed ""M-E"", and CALLED ME N-A-M-E-S!!! -- ""READ I-T!!!!"" ((( I Will NEVER J-O-I-N Such ""HYPOCRITES"" E--V--E--R AGAIN )))!!!!

    ((((( S-O --- N-O-W!!! -- I AM ""L--E--A--V--I--N--G"" )))))!!!!!! this Lying CORRUPT BUNCH of Anti'CHRISTIANS and Anti'AMERICANS "FOR G-O-O-D" (( T-H-E Moment A-F-T-E-R "I" P-O-S-T This )) ----- (((((((((( """"N----O----W"""" ))))))))))!!!!!!

    BAN IT??
    1. - ( John 8:44 KJV ) -- 44- "((( Ye are of your Father the DEVIL ))) , and the Lusts of your Father YE WILL DO. He was a Murderer from the Beginning, and Abode NOT in the T-R-U-T-H, because there is NO TRUTH IN HIM. When He Speaketh a LIE, He Speaketh of HIS Own: For HE is A LIAR, A-N-D The FATHER Of IT". --//----
    (((( Romans 3:10-12 )))) -- That's What God Says ABOUT "Y-O-U-- A--L--L"!!!!!

    ((((( SATAN IS The G-O-D of ""T-H-A-T"" WORLD )))))!!!!! -- ( 2 Corinthians 4:4 KJV )!! Read IT; You ALL Cannot Believe Anything GOD SAYS!!! -- (( GOD SAYS YOUR GOD OF Y-O-U-R WORLD -- Matthew 24:24 KJV ))!!!!!

    2. - ( 1 Timothy 2:9:12 KJV ) -- 9- "In like manner also, that Women Adorn Themselves IN Modest Apparel, WITH Shamefacedness And Sobriety; NOT With Broided Hair, OR Gold, OR Pearls, OR Costly Array; 10- BUT (Which Becometh WOMAN Professing Godliness) W-I-T-H Good Works. 11- Let the Woman LEARN IN SILENCE With A-L-L Subjection. 12- B-U-T I SUFFER NOT A WOMAN TO TEACH, Nor to Usurp Authority O-V-E-R the MAN, BUT TO BE IN SILENCE". --//----
    ((((( I Was BANNED By A ""W-O-M-A-N"" I-N The BACK ALLEY /// ""(( THE B-A-C-K -- A-L-L-E-Y ))""???? )))))!!!! -- I Have Hundreds and Hundreds of THREADS In ( The Back Alley WHERE (( "I" )) SPEND MOST A-L-L OF ""M-Y"" T-I-M-E )!!! (((( B-U-T ----- N---E---V---E---R AGAIN ))))!!!!!!!!

    ((( """I""" GOT B-A-N-N-E-D IN The BACK ALLEY )))???? -- HH-OO-WW!!!! -- FOR ((((((((( ""UNNECESSARILY"" -- """"D-I-S-R-U-P-T-I-V-E"""")))))))))???? W-H-O-T??? --- ((((( THERE I-S ""N-O"" LAW LIKE THAT (( I-N- )) The ""BACK ALLEY!"")))))!!!! -- ((((( A-N-D ""Knight"" IS The ONLY LAW IN THE BACK ALLEY; --- N-O-T WOMEN!!! - S-O-O-O ""G--O--D"" SAYS )))))!!!!!

    3. - ( Titus 2:3-5 KJV ) -- 3-"The Aged Women likewise, that THEY Be in Behaviour AS Becometh Holiness, NOT False Accusers, NOT Given To Much Wine, Teachers OF ""G-O-O-D"" Things; 4- That They May TEACH The YOUNG WOMEN to be Sober, to Love Their Husbands, TO Love Their Children, 5- To BE Discreet, Chaste, KEEPERS AT H-O-M-E, ""G-o-o-d"", OBEDIENT TO Their OWN HESBANDS, T-H-A-T The Word of God BE NOT BLASPHEMED". --//--------- " GOOD" Means "GODLY" -- (( Matthew 19:17 KJV ))!!!

    Y-E-S!! ""(( W--O--M--A--N ----- B-O-S-S ))"" OF THE MEN!! Go Ahead And BAN THIS So N-O New Comer "CHRISTIAN" WILL SEE W-H-O YOU ARE!!!

    (((( The "WEATHER" I-S --- """M--I--N--E""" ))))!!!!

    NO MEMBER OF ""TOL""!!!
    ---Gal. 4:16.
    ---"Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth"???