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Islam’s one God is evil dictatorship; Christ’s three Gods is democracy.

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  • Islam’s one God is evil dictatorship; Christ’s three Gods is democracy.

    Here in Islampur I have to hear their brainwashing declaration of one God five times a day from all sides. This they do to oppose three God conception of Christianity. Really God is not one, but a unity. Even in Quran God addresses Himself as we numerous times (Surah Al-Baqarah 63). In Genesis (Gen 1-26,3-22) also God refers himself as we.

    Really everything is unity even our soul and body. The best unity is democracy of love-responsibility and power sharing. So in democracy we have three ruling entities as administration, judiciary and parliament to check and compensate each other. So are Father, son and Holy Spirit in Christianity.
    In despot one god Islam, democracy doesn’t survive as people are despots in heart becoming like what they worship. Christians were also so before renaissance and reformation after which they came near the true spirit of Christ rejecting despot God conception of Catholicism from which Islam originated.

    It must be mentioned that according to the peace and surrender meaning of the term Islam, Christ practiced it best. Muhammad didn’t surrender like Christ peaceably as he fled from the enemies and then took recourse to the sword.

    We have fled by insurrection into this world from an old pride-infected paradise (Revelations12-7,12 and Indian Puran). Paradises are bigger than earth as stars are. Like stars they are created by the drawing together power of Love-God from spiritual entities as stars are created from materials. But when old, pride-selfishness enters and they began to disintegrate by in-fight. Paradise of democracy then accepts proud despot devil as lord, as souls there try to evade love-responsibility of each other and put that on the hand of a liar high-promising proud one as did Eve and Adam. That liar lord caused insurrection-reaction.

    Pride destroys integrating love. As love becomes less we become divided within self and with others. Peace and strength is lost as in-fight between passions starts within and out. Disdaining love we started in fight in our soul originating paradise for futile power. The same happens to old worldly organizations too. That in-fight drove weaker us out of that infected paradise by the stronger faction. Guided by destiny we fell towards earth as refugees.

    Now frantic for something to hold on to save our personality from disintegrating, down-and-out we began to worship human body and earth. We became strongly infatuated them as love is possible only between souled beings. That infatuation led us to enter a zygote and born as babies. But many couldn’t succeed as they were rejected due to worse degradation. Here Destiny gives us a chance to repent and reform as jails are meant for. But, as in jails only a few reform, so also here only a few reforms holding on their pride and despot gods.

    It seems that it is better to have one despot (monotheism) than many despot lords(polytheism). But it is the same as despot followers also become despots fighting among themselves.

    Now Christ has sent me to love enemy Muslims. As we had pride-spoilt each other as Eve did to Adam when in paradise, we must elevate each other now to love-God. In this way we can create new paradise with Christ here and hereafter. So true Christians must love and serve all here, who are enemies of themselves and others.

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    Can relate to most of your Christian beliefs which are a relief from Pauline Christianity that the world knows as "Christianity". I'm a Jewish Gnostic Christian who follows the Celestial Torah Christ which is not Jewish Bible based but heavenly or astrologically based, the origin of most all our religious symbolism. If your religious text have reference to these numbers for instance, 7, or 40, or 72, it is astrologically based.

    One point we diverge is the Trinity conception which would be natural for you seeing where you live and the Hindu Trinity idea prevalent there. But I follow a Jewish Christian path and thus the Four Directions mark the center point of balanced mentality, the Four Signs of the Zodiac that embody the spiritual creature the Cheribim which guards the gate of the Garden and is the Fiery Chariot of God Itself. Four Gospels, Four Directions now united with Native American spirituality in the Vision of Christ Josephine, meaning this Jewish Gnostic Christian tradition is in spiritual motion and hopefully even now uniting Old and New World spirituality.

    It's funny but the East-West spiritual unity that could have happened was usurped by money and fame junky gurus suckering Western spiritual seekers unhappy with blind faith Abrahamic nationalistic religious organizations that are really hate-mongering social and military armies disguised as "religions" using God as cover for greedy and often perverted men seeking power. But that's the Gnostic prejudice--that the only spiritually authentic Way to God is through personal spiritual experience of God, no human intercessors or paper and ink word idols in between.

    You must know Amadiyyah Muslims who should welcome you as brother. Close enough for seeing through rose colored glasses that might look at that stinger in material Creation that comes along and poisons the Living Waters. But then nothing's perfect so welcome, amigo, all aboard the Love Boat sailing across the River of Life and the Great Abyss to the Isles of Califia here in Kalifornia where your Threesome is found as gold, silver and gems, or sun, moon, and stars. Of course it's perfect here. Shangri-La was filmed here as living proof.