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Is Jesus in hell as fanatic Jews and muslims tell?

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  • Is Jesus in hell as fanatic Jews and muslims tell?

    Is Jesus in hell as fanatic Jews and muslims tell?

    There is much contradiction between religions about the nature of heaven, hell and salvation. Even Bible and Christian sects have contradictions in this sphere. Some Jews and extremists Muslims say that Jesus is already in hell, under eternal torment, while their people will have eternal enjoyment in future heaven. In the worldly religions and popular Christianity, heaven is the place of enjoyment and hell is place of suffering. This idea is not compatible with Christ’s spiritual teaching and the experience of this world. Jesus says that, those who are united with him, bears much abiding and wholesome fruits. Everyone and everything is known by the fruit.

    Look at this world. Here people bear good fruit by painstaking patience and those who try to enjoy life by avoiding pains and cares are dissipated and destroyed. People build themselves up, their career and progeny, with care and toil. Yes they have a joy as a mother have, after a baby is born after much travail, as a father has, after bringing up a child successfully, ready to face the world, a teacher has when the student pass the exams, a social worker gets when reforming an antisocial. These are all fruits of bearing responsibility with patience accompanied by true joy and satisfaction.

    So Jesus bears the cross and tells us to follow him. Love inspires one to bear the sin and infirmities of others and love is God’s true nature. But selfish people avoid love-spiritual, to escape from trouble and burden. They seek vain excitements resulting in physical and spiritual suicide, slow or fast. Slow suicide is sin, sex, drug and drink addiction, foolish non-productive enjoyments etc. Fast suicide is homicide to avoid suffering, though futilely. This state is hell like. So hell is called the place of eternal death or more appropriate name will be eternal suicide, dying of the personality as we see in mad people even here. Practically, majority people running after excitement are going the wide way of perdition. Only a small number of people take the strait gate of heavenly productivity. Jesus tells it in Luke 13-24. John the Baptist tells that we have to bear the heavenly fruits of repentance or we shall be cut down.

    The real heaven is wholesome abiding fruit bearing state. Hells also have fruits but all destructive. As in the world a drunkard generates other drunkards, gambler other gamblers, a goon other goons all destroying themselves. But a good one creates good children by longsuffering love to get ascendency over them. So a caring, cross bearing heaven gains ascendancy over all the hells by its fruits- loving, united, persevering, productive children. The false paradises of enjoyment, which are hells in fact, presented before us by other religions and popular Christianity too will be destroying themselves by their rotting numerous fruits, while the cross bearing paradise will ascend by their abiding fruits. But the blind fallen people will perceive this paradise as a hell, the place of torment and punishment. So their erroneous conclusion would be Jesus is in hell undergoing eternal torment.
    Yes! Eternal Jesus is atoning-rectifying by love-integration our sin-weakness voluntarily to redeem us, eternally, not only momentarily in ancient past. But they foolishly perceive that as taking punishments. He is constantly making new paradise with the redeemed souls thus saved. But the worldly people, including the namesake Christians can’t perceive that, as a blessed existence. They shall call it hell of torment. On the other hand they run for the unproductive paradise of just singing, dancing and flattering a false God, here and hereafter. They will not hear about a cross bearing paradise. To be popular, Christian leaders assert that Jesus is now in complete bliss free from the cross. But Christ appears frequently with cross on his shoulder even now in many apparitions to people. It is in the crucified form we adore him.

    Jesus is the embodiment of love, which always cares for the loved ones. That means carrying their burdens. If a penitent sinner comes to him for help he comes near him and helps to overcome sin. That is a burden. St. Peter cried to Jesus, “Lord, depart from me, a sinner,” meaning that “Lord go away. I am a prickly sinner, sure to hurt you, by my temper, foul talk, ingratitude and disloyalty. As I love you I want to save you from that hurt”. Surely, Peter hurt Jesus many times. But Christ did not go away. So every sinner, every one of us is bound to hurt him constantly. By this fruitful cross bearing, Jesus rises over others and his saints rise over the hordes of Devil. Saints are those, who try to love sinners braving the cross. Without love, one can’t bear the cross profitably and productively. Those who try to suppress love in themselves and others by perversions and other means can’t bear the cross. Because then cross destroys their sin-weakened fragile internal bond making them powerless. They throw away cross as a curse. So it is natural that they will think the cross bearing Jesus is under punishment.

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