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The Word of God is the Changing of the Blood:

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  • The Word of God is the Changing of the Blood:

    Why was it absolutely necessary for Jesus to come through a virgin birth?? -- It starts from the beginning of Sin. -- It’s not only “Who” cleanses the Blood, but How did God cleanse the blood of man. – I’ll just call it “The System”; the Word of God / Jesus the Christ. -- Maybe you understand what a “System” is, or maybe you just can’t accept the “System of God” being the Word of God and Christ.

    First; the Blood of Adam was Adulterated, producing a “Bastard Son”, “Cain”. --- Deuteronomy 23:2 KJV – “A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; ( Even to his ((( “Tenth Generation” ))) shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD )”. -------///--- The Tenth Generation from Adam is “Noe” / “Noah”. – Noe was unclean, but the changing of the name to “Noah” is adding to the Cleansing. – ( Changing of names?? ) --- Can you not see the “System” even now?? – Noah is only the first part of the generations of the Cleansing of man’s blood, and “Noe” is the last part of the ( Total Unclean ). ----- “Noah” had three sons, of which only one carries the Cleansing, and the other two of the same Blood of “NOE” are rejected from God / the Christ. ------ ( I’m only going to give the highlights of these Generations, to give you a good example of the “System” of God’s WORD / Jesus the Christ / the finished “System” ). --------- Then came Abraham and the “Promise”; and AGAIN, ( Brothers ) to further separate the Blood to make perfect, Jesus, the Word. - These Brothers were Isaac and Ishmael, ( Or the Israel Nations ). Cast out the bond woman, - ( Ishmael ), and her children; --- and ( Isaac brings the “Promised Seed” further to pure / the Gospel / Jesus the Christ ). -------- Then through Isaac, he had ANOTHER set of Twins; Jacob and Esau; Esau is Edom / the Muslim Nations; twelve Patriarchs or twelve Dukes each. --- You know the Stories!! -

    Jacob and Esau; ( Twins; - as were “Cain” and Abel ). – However, - if Abel had not died, Jesus could never have come through Seth ). Abel’s blood crying from the moist dust / Ground, is the beginning of “Michael the Archangel” without a body. -------- Then came the “Brothers”; Moses and Aaron. Only Aaron came over Jordan to Canaan, and the rejected Moses only Saw, but did not enter except by the Crying of the Blood of Abel / Michael the Archangel. ---- Jude 1:9 KJV ---&--- Mark 9:4 KJV -------//--- Who got the Body of Moses?? --- Michael did!! ------------ Mary was of the Daughters of Aaron the High Priest; and there is where the Blood line of any people stopped, and God the Father as the Spotless Male Sheep over-shadowed the Spotless Mother Sheep, planting the Gospel / the Purified Seed, in a Purified Womb, and the Pure Son of God was Born, - not given “Birth Entirely”, but was “Born / Carried” from beginning to the End, CLEANSING THE BLOOD OF MAN!! – Then it was DONE!! – You all missed it!!

    I hope you can see what I’m trying to say here. This was the hardest letter I’ve ever tried to write.

    Paul – 022013
    ---Gal. 4:16.
    ---"Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth"???

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    Thank you for sharing


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      Originally posted by Letsargue View Post
      This was the hardest letter I’ve ever tried to write.

      Paul – 022013
      Try it when you're sober.