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Abraham's Seed!!

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  • Abraham's Seed!!

    The “SEED” of Abraham is the “Gospel” / “The Gospel”, -- the “Seed” of Salvation, Promised by God to Abraham, and Jesus is that “Seed” of Abraham and is the Gospel!! - What’s the matter with you all?? – Prove that wrong!!!

    Starting with Abraham, we find the Hebrews on their journey toward the “Will” of God; whatever that was!! – ( “Through thy “Seed” shall all the nations of the earth be Blessed” ). God didn’t say, “Through you, Abraham, shall all the nations be blessed”, but through Abraham’s “SEED”, and Jesus is that seed, not Abraham. - Abraham’s blood never had anything to do with Jesus’ birth, but Abraham’s SEED, the SEED of the Gospel, - Abraham’s Gospel. It’s the Gospel which is the “SEED”, ( There are not two Seeds ) that blesses all nations, not the Blood or child bearing ability!! – (((( The SEED of the Gospel is the “Seed of Abraham” )))), not his blood line!!! – The blood line stopped just before Jesus was born, and only God (( begot Jesus Christ )). Jesus Christ is the Seed of Abraham as the Gospel, - as promised by the Father of Jesus. – If anyone can show us all, that Joseph is the father, and begot his first born, being Jesus; then that will show that God is the hypocrite that is just bragging about begetting His first Son!! – Learn what a Hypocrite is!! – Learn what a liar is, or what a false witness is. They are not all the same thing. A liar is only a false prophet of God, so guess what??

    Now back to the Hebrews!! – The nation of God’s Hebrews was destroyed when they no longer had ( The Place ) to worship their God that didn’t want them to worship Him any longer. The Temple is where God spoke to THEM!! – Now!! – Just who are the Hebrews now? – Try the Muslims, the descendants of Abraham through ((( Ishmael ))). -- Ishmael was a Hebrew if Isaac was, and they are still around Guys!! – They are the only Hebrews, though they are not Christians, but they may be saved if they Repent, but don’t count on it any more than any of you will for not SEEING the Truth of the True God / Jesus Christ, the God of the Saved Gentiles / “Canaanites”, after the Order of Melchisedec.

    Paul – 021713
    ---Gal. 4:16.
    ---"Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth"???