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People seeking workless god-flattering heaven are death-hell goers.

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  • People seeking workless god-flattering heaven are death-hell goers.

    I am saddened by the hell-going life of my Christian acquaintances. They say that Christ will give them a heaven, as promised in Revelation, where there will be no work but only flattering God. But I see no heaven in them here, but only increasing hell. They fall sick and prostrate before the doctors to save them. They never believe like me, that Christ can heal them, yet he can give eternal life in heaven!! Their families break apart. Children go dissolute. Friends become alienated. They even commit suicide. So, their god, that promised to give heaven up there, can only give hell of dissolution here!!

    Of course this lazy heaven idea is in all religions. It is to be expected as they are all false hell-death going suicidal religions. But how it is believed by Christians, who see that Christ himself is working eternally with God to bear the burden of us?

    Actually all these ‘Christians’ remain unconverted from their suicide-orientation by which they fell from their soul-originator paradise. We evaluate life by quality and quantity of work. Heavenly Father and Heaven are most active. Christ said “I am working as Father is working”. Christ never promised that fake Revelation’s lazy heaven of idle flatterers of god. He said to chosen disciples that they shall be judges there. Christ always exhorted us to bear fruit and compared heaven to fruit bearing tree. That doesn’t mean that we have to bear fruit here only and in Heaven we shall become barren! Every fruit bearing is toilsome work. Dead one can’t work or bear fruit.

    Actually this workless deathlike Heaven idea came from the courts of kings to whom church submitted to from 3rd century. Bloody extortionist kings required constant flattery to pacify their troubled conscience and mauled ego. So they appointed flattering courtiers. Their stooge church lost Heavenly Father for their world compromise. So they took devil as their kinglike god like the whole humanity. This sadist king like hell-torturing image now replaced Heavenly Father of Christ. They also presented their flattering court as model of heaven.

    Heavenly Father never seeks flattery from children, but that they grow up like them. His children’s abiding fruits glorify Him, nothing else. (Jn15-8 glorify Father by fruit)
    Actually those who worship Heavenly Father spiritually i.e. trying to be parents to all, truly find Him. Proud-selfish others, never finding Him take suicidal devil, the pride-spiritual as their god. As long as I lived proud-selfish life I also worshipped such devil even after conversion. But trying to be Heavenly Father like to the least (mt 5-45be like father) I found true God Heavenly Father and Christ serving all. Then I found the true Heavenly fruit bearing work in humble service especially among muslims.

    So Heavenly Father trained Christ and martyrs by rejection, prison, torture and cross while empowering them with His spirit. They have to be so qualified and strengthened to tend His boundless creation and bear awesome fruits together with Him. This is beyond our tiny imagination now, but this is the only life of fecundity Heavenly Father seeks. By this way the creation is ever rectified and reformed. This atonement is not momentary but eternal. By this Heavenly Father‘s creation survive. But unrectified devil’s fruits rot in disrepair.

    Those, who fly away from this cross-training, fall to devil and Revelation’s walled jail like deemed hell, taking them as God and heaven. This is spiritual hell-suicide. They start creating hell here as my Christian acquaintances do. Their anti-work mentality wrecks them, their children and all around even here.

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    this world is hell regardless of our relationship with God.

    if we enter a closeness w/ Jesus

    thinking that all will be right from there on in.. we fool ourselves

    in fact being a Christian, a real one, is going to bring hardships we didn't have b4... many of them. They are called Crosses and we are to pick them up and carry them as Jesus said, not try to shirk them as the HealthWealthProsperity people do

    that is not to say we are to just accept whatever misery comes along and... well, let abusive people use and abuse us... Far from it

    But just living in the sinful world is a cross regardless

    i get angry @ God like anyone else does... but its a little off to get angry @ Him when it is some human's fault... OK, the things like hurricans and such... are not humans' fault... but still...

    the devil likes to obscure God's goodness... and i have to say he does a good job...
    "Whatever you do to God's people, you do to God" - Mt 25:31