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What to do when Islam will conquer Europe after 20 years?

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  • What to do when Islam will conquer Europe after 20 years?

    What to do when Islam will conquer Europe after 20years?

    It is the consequence of Europe’s unpardonable sin against Holy Spirit. Of course whole humanity has fallen from Heaven rejecting Love-God, the manifestation of Holy Spirit. For that sin they were/are bound there by Devil, the pride-death, and sent towards hell, the eternal death-disintegration of soul.

    But Christ came to reform them in this world, a make shift temporary reformatory. Then a few like apostles turned back to Love-God Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit. They became victorious in true spiritual sense by surrendering as Christ did. But soon their disciples organized into worldly church. Christ never encouraged worldly church, but the inevitable Heavenly church, the unseen community of saints. For that he scattered his apostles to four winds to stop worldly organizing. He knew that they shall go against holy spirit led Heavenly church, for the false interests of worldly church.

    But the inevitable tower of Babel came in existence and they resumed their anti Holy Spirit activities in the name of that false church. They subdued Christian message of 2nd commandment of enemy-love (actually the whole humanity is mortal enemy to each other) by compiling bible with anti-love jew-scriptures and worse Revelation. They did it as they had to scripturally support their collaboration with devil protégée kings’ wars.

    For that they gained fleeting worldly things but lost Holy Spirit. They lost sight of love-heaven and Heavenly Father then and got instead the sadist hell-torturing god and walled up jail like paradise of Revelation. There only idle occupation is enjoying and flattering that sadist proud glory seeking god. Father seeks no flattery, but that children grow up to become like him. Only proud people seek flattery to fuel their ego.

    Are that sadist god and his paradise better than Allah and his sensual paradise pictured by Islam? No!! Actually Islam sprang from it. It and other scourges will survive as long as our anti-holy spirit actions survive. Mafias, pros-house, mercenary murderer army, police, jails, false ideologies and religions will survive as long as corruptions in humanity survives. False actions against them will lead to greater evil. See how false action of war against fascism of Germany is quickly leading to all out annihilation of 3rd world war. The best action was to surrender to Germany in Christ’s way. By that Christ rose over all, even Romans. Then Atom bomb wouldn’t have come. All the conquerers in history like Alexander and Mongols vanished and invaders were assimilated by the conquered.

    Soon Muslims will become majority in Europe. Already mosques are full there and churches empty. Christian girls look like advertising prostitutes and Muslim women looks chaste and restrained. Christian families prevent and kill babies, Muslims don’t. Of course that doesn’t mean that they are better as pride, fear and other passions cause it in them, not spiritual love. But, if our corruptions are advertised openly it would accelerate corruptions around. So our judiciary and jails try to confine and restrain it.

    Islam tries to confine crime by terror. Christianity is best to correct our corruptions, but they have killed the real martyric Christianity in so called Christendom. So Islam will claim those false Christians as they claimed the byzantine empire Christians in the past. Let them. Disciplined hell conquers a chaotic fallen paradise, discipline mercenary killers (army) conquers undisciplined free countries. It is not Christ-followers’ duty to administer such fear based discipline. Pride-Devil will do it, we like it or not. Our duty is to preach Christ’s spiritual love-discipline.

    I am calling like Jeremiah to surrender, but to resist their false creed up to martyrdom. If, a sufficient number of enemy loving martyrs die there, the wheel will turn (as it shows at least outwardly) as it has turned in Russia. There enemy loving millions of martyrs died causing communism to fall peacefully. But the blind is sure to see other causes like economic failure. Then why communism still rules in China?

    No! There is no magic in martyrs’ blood as Tertullian claimed. Christ loved his mortal enemy us, so much that He came back to save us after the cross. His obedience unto the cross earned him All Mighty Holy Spirit, who turned sincere enemies into followers as in Peter and Paul. Like Christ, the enemy loving true martyrs get Holy Spirit for their obedience to him, to conquer enemies. Alas! Byzantine Empire had very little of such martyrs. But the march of Islam stopped there, where were sufficient numbers of true martyrs.

    But the fake Christians are saying that Islam was stopped by the military might of Christians. Could they stop 9/11? Could they stop Mongols with superior weapons and number? Mongols totally vanquished, but their internal fight stopped them. But it is useless to show truth to spiritual blind. I hope that the few Christ-followers there obey Christ to be saved. The majority spiritually dead will die anyway. Their futile antichristian reactions will accelerate it from which we must be clear.