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Indian Bengali Bibekananda’s false god and suicidal ‘Moksha’ theory.

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  • Indian Bengali Bibekananda’s false god and suicidal ‘Moksha’ theory.

    It is often said that Bengalis are suicidal. It is due to their ancient acceptance of Buddha’s suicidal nirvana teaching of Hinajana sects. Later adviatya Vedantists, called disguised Buddhists, modified it accepting the Bramha God of Vedanta. They propounded that Bramha is the only reality. Everything here including us is He. Attaining that reality is Moksha or salvation, when our personality will vanish as a drop vanishes in ocean. It is a modified type of nirvana akin to soul-suicide. Ramkrisna and his disciple Bibekananda preached that among Bengalis.

    But it is false. Soul is the personality of us. It can be destroyed by soul and mind parts’ disintegration, as in mad people even here. So, a mad one can’t be prosecuted even in murder as he is no longer, though his body lives up to some time. But his disintegrated eternal soul parts lives and suffers by hateful degenerated likes, here and in eternity. This is eternal death and torment hell. But heaven is where our soul-personality will be upgraded to enter the supreme love-integrity there. Here is eternal life for each of us.

    Incidentally Hindu’s main gods committed suicide at the end. Bengalis are most devoted to bloody killer goddess Kali who also suicided at the end. Ramkrisna and his disciples worshipped death-god her. So they are actually suicide worshippers. As a Bengali influenced by them I also suffered from suicide mentality.

    But I wanted to live and find a God of life. So I frantically searched in different religions. Finally after six years search I found Christ and Heavenly Father, the source of life. Then celibate I followed Christ for fifty years in orphan, destitute service and ministry among Muslims in repentance for my love-rejection in Heaven and here. By that love-practice my feeble love grew up to love-integrate me empowering me more and more. Integrity is strength. My mind was then empowered to know the Reality, Christ and Heavenly Father better.

    I then knew how wrong and pernicious humanity’s God idea is, even of the Christian sects. It is rather the image of destroyer pride-devil, which they had accepted as god when they fell from Heaven. Bible is polluted by warmongering Catholics as they compiled it taking warmongering jews’ old testament and spurious Revelation. It represents a worse than devil god, who sends own children to eternal torment. Catholics did it to counter Christ’s absolute Ahimsa in order to support their war politics. From their perversion of Christianity war religion of Islam and their hell sending God was derived. That god is worse than Kali, Jehovah or any ancient god.

    I have rejected those cruel Gods and gods to accept absolute love Heavenly Father. He never sends any to, but sent Christ that we don’t sucidally create hate-hell here and go there. Rather we create love-Heaven here by loving enemy and turning the other cheek. Alas! ‘Christians’ generally have rejected that Christ, but only a few martyrs follow as world is mortal enemy of real Christ.

    The highest principle of gospel is love-God, the real indwelling love-binding power in everything from material objects to spiritual objects. He creates all by love-bonding material and spiritual bosons by different configurations, dilutions, types and degrees of love. But spiritual beings like us can go against love by actions of pride derived passions. Then we began to destroy internal bonding love and our soul parts become loose disintegrated. We become weak then, as disunity weaken.

    That has already happened to us as we had fallen from our souls’ creator love-Heaven to this world rejecting love-God, following pride-devil. So we need repentance and humility to turn back from pride to love practice to the leasts of this world. Then only we can regain love-Heaven within us here and get up there. Then we progress eternally to greater integrity inside, with others and the limitless central integrity called Heavenly Father. This eternal journey is salvation, never a static point. We can fall from it anytime, if we reject love, as fallen angels and we fell from love-Heaven rejecting love. many scriptures tell that including Indian ones. We can ascend again if we turn back to love in repentance. But in this ascension our personality is never lost in ‘nirban’, but upgraded continuously.

    Ramkrisna rejected repentance telling that our soul is not touched by our anti-love sin-actions! He said that our faith in god’s name can clear that sin. That is like pernicious ‘faith-save’ doctrine of fake Christianity. Our experience tells that every anti-love sin destroys our internal and external love-bond, making us weak. We then can’t control our passions accelerating our fall.

    We have to start from whatever lower type of love we have. By hating and shunning this lower degree of love as ‘maya’ as Buddhists and Ramkrisnaites did, no one can ascend to a higher degree of love. Rather they would fall to hellish depths as Buddhist occultists fell. My and all others life experience proves that. But one can skip a step without hating as I didn’t marry but reared orphans and destitute for over 50 years living in poverty on Rs400 pm diet.

    The suicidal Buddhist fallacy has pervaded all sects of Hinduism here. They hate worldly love. Besides they believe very wrongly that all living beings have souls that can transcend bodies. It is totally wrong as we never experience a dead plant’s or animal’s ghost during extensive experience of exorcism. They have no soul as humanity have. So there is no sin in killing a plant or animal. But killing a human is sin as that soul is a spiritual sibling to us. We go against love when we do anti-love actions of sin. They can also seek vengeance after death. Of course useless destruction of any form of life degrades us.

    So we have to love humanity and other spiritual beings only, as love is a soul to soul relation. As animals and plants have no soul we can’t love them, but we can be infatuated in them. Having no soul a plant or animal cant sin or do good works. They follow instinct. If we say that they have soul then we sin in killing and eating them.

    So falling from a Heaven and God of love-humility by following pride-devil, we are pride oriented. Pride is like intoxicating drink. It gives instant energy followed by deep depression later. But we are so addicted to pride-booze that we worship the vendors of pride. So preachers of faith-save doctrines in all religions taking pride in their faith get immense publicity. So Ramkrisna and his disciples got and still getting.

    They preach that we are Gods according to fallacious ‘adwaitya’ (non-duality) doctrine. That God idea is false. Heavenly Father is the unity of Heavenly parents as we see such unity of worldly parents who really runs the world. We see in the world that such unities of similar souls run the world in democracy and monarchy. Even a King represents the loose unity of despotic people. Everything is a unity, even us.

    But unities are of different qualities. Some unities are fickle, some abiding to a degree, some hateful and some loving. Some are being integrated (potentially saints, even if now are like villains) while some are going to disintegration (potentially devils, even if they are now like saints, inheriting a strong but diminishing integrity). But we can be children of highest Heavenly Father, the unity of Heavenly parents, as we can become children of worldly parents’ unity to enter their unity here. So we becoming like Heavenly parents can enter into their unity of Heavenly Father.

    Actually the creating God, indwelling in all as different types of love, is like holy spirit. Heavenly Father is also this Love-God’s creation. In this sense we can be God, the Love-Principle’s creation. Heaven-fallen we were once God’s children destined to become like Him. But now we have become like suicidal devil the pride, our adopted father. So Christ called us devil’s brood (Mt 23-33). If any one means that we are actually God then he flatters for destruction. Pride presented falsely as self-esteem can never abidingly empower us to build enduring things. Though, it can give short spurt of destructive, as alcohol gives. Only love-repentance can give us integrity and enduring energy.

    So aspiring to unity by laborious love-practice we go nearer to God, never by lazy meditations or stupid penances. Only love gives lasting unity while greed, vengeance, lust etc can give only fickle unity.

    But to turn back to love we have to repent for killing it in Heaven and here as we kill Christ and saints. But Bibekananda presents God as the bloody killer goddess kali, the antithesis of love-God. They try to explain away by twisting meaning of words and false similes. Those who twist the simple meaning of a word or image are misleading people. We must shun them like vipers.

    So repentance-enemy pride-promoting Bibekananda died a wretched death, destroying his body by gluttony. He had no power to control it. He never reveals his existence anymore, while Christ and martyrs often reveals themselves in loving us. That means that he has no effective existence or love for us. But pride-addict humanity is sure to worship such teachers of pride.