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Spiritual universe is like the material one; paradises are like stars.

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  • Spiritual universe is like the material one; paradises are like stars.

    Spiritual universe is like the material one; paradises are like stars.

    Once people believed that our earth is the only big real thing; sun and stars are like figs hanging and circling earth in the shallow sky. They also believed that paradise is a small walled up city up somewhere (Revelation, Greek and Indian scriptures). Now that stupid idea of the material world has changed, but not that of the spiritual world, which is big creator of the material world.

    But guided by divine reason we can gain some idea of spiritual world from this world which is a shadow of the spiritual world. Not only bible but other scriptures compare worldly things with spiritual things. So, sun is compared to God, tree to heaven, lamb with Christ, outer darkness to hell etc.

    Now we know that earth is a less than a speck of dust compared to originating sun and the universe. So must be the humanity in it compared to our originating paradise and the spiritual universe. Both universes co-exist interpenetrating each other. Now we know that sun is a small star originating earth. So, our particular paradise originating human society in earth can be compared to sun. As there are many stars there must be many paradises. As stars form galaxies, so also paradises form spiritual galaxies.

    We know that gravitational force forms galaxies, stars, planets, atoms etc. binding primary particles together. So also spiritual love, the spiritual gravitation force, forms souls, societies and paradises in the spiritual universe by love-binding spiritual particles (‘chit kana’ in Indian spiritual cosmology). Therefore spiritual love is called God in gospel.

    Now about the spiritual outer darkness called hell. We know that strong electronic forces eject matter from sun and old stars. Old stars finally burst throwing their mater into the outer darkness. Less than one percent of the matter in universe is in planets, stars and galaxies. Other matters are dispersed in the outer darkness. Still all matter taken together is very small compared to dark matter and dark energy in the material universe. So is outer darkness hell is in the spiritual universe.

    As a old star can’t attract interstellar atom-dusts, so also a loveless proud old paradise can’t attract outer souls to it. Rather being self-centered proud it expands itself before bursting apart into outer darkness. New stars are formed from its debris and interstellar dust brought together by gravitational force.

    So, also old paradises becoming proud-self-centered burst and scatter into outer darkness hell. So Revelation and Indian ‘Puran’ say that big portions of our paradise becoming rebels fight against paradise. They are evicted from it (Rev12,7-12 and Puran). New paradises are formed by attracting souls out of the outer darkness by spiritual love. It also creates new souls by binding spiritual particles.

    These souls can also break up by pride-selfishness to lose personality(soul) as we see in mad people even here. Love binds soul-components together. When they practice anti-love pride, internal love weakens, weakening internal love-bond. If they repent they reintegrate by returning to love-practice. Otherwise soul disintegrates under suffering-impact. It happens here as in mad or after the sheltering body is gone. Unsheltered they go to outer darkness and eternal death by soul-disintegration.

    As materials of the universe is 0.0000000000000000000042 percent of the space of the universe. So also all the paradises and souls taken together are so small compared to outer darkness in the spiritual world.

    Of course a shadow is far from truly representing its source. So also the material world is far from representing the spiritual world. Still some likeness exists between them. But a Holy Spirit enlightened reason can glean much truth from that likeness than from ancient books made by very ill-informed people. I have arrived at it through 50 years celibate Christ-following service among destitute, unbelievers and Muslims.