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  • Coming to Repentance??

    Where OOH where do you people come up with Repentance is saying, “I Repent”, even if you mean it?? - Where do you get that?? --- That’s not Repenting; - that’s saying you repent without Repenting!!! – It’s like Rebuking someone by just saying, “I Rebuke You”. That foolishness!! --- You may point out that Angel Michael while contending with the Devil over the body of Moses ( Said, “The Lord Rebuke you )!! (( Nonsense ))!!!!!!!! – Michael Rebuked the Devil ( BY ) using the “Truth” in ( “Contending and Disputing” ) with the Devil; -- Come On!!!! --- Jude 1:9 KJV – 9- Yet Michael the archangel, when ( Contending ) with the devil he ( Disputed ) about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a (( “railing accusation” )), but said, The Lord rebuke thee”. --------///--- ((( Michael SAVED Moses from the Devil and Hell by the - “GOSPEL” ))); what else!!! - SO, how does one Repent without being foolish, and just saying, “I Repent”. --- You do it by the ( Example of JESUS )!!!!!!!!!!! – Matthew 3:15 KJV -------//--- Jesus lived under the “Changed Old Law” of John the Baptist, and of the (( Baptism of REPENTANCE )) that’s how!! – And the Baptism of John was JUST a ( Death and Burial )! --- And under Jesus’ Ministry of His Law of Faith of the Kingdom of God; - “JESUS” added the ( “Resurrection” / “Himself” ) TO IT!!! – Jesus is THE “Resurrection”, - N-O-T Death and Burial; -- the Gospel!! – The Gospel includes John’s Baptism of “Death and Burial” / Repentance and the Putting Away the old man. - Jesus ADDED the Resurrection / Himself to it!! – Are you all so blind and deaf that you cannot see that or anything?? ---- If you were wise, you would Either Prove Me Right Or Wrong, but who is wise these days???

    Paul – 010613
    ---Gal. 4:16.
    ---"Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth"???