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Sandy Hook and Indian mission schools’ students’ attack on Christians.

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  • Sandy Hook and Indian mission schools’ students’ attack on Christians.

    The root of Sandy hook is very deep. The censured student Courtni has probed a little deeper, that schools teach by terror, not love. So the system kills the souls of weaker children in the process. They are sure to avenge. One day they shall pull the A-Bomb trigger. No surface wash will do.

    Here in India the anti-christian leaders and ministers were mostly taught in prestigious Christian mission schools. Their high standards are maintained by refined terror called strict discipline. Nothing of Christian love is there. No wonder the students leave the schools with high marks but bitter memory. When they get to leadership position due to good education, they use that position to vent that bitterness on Christians for hurting their soul.
    Why the schools meant for promoting Christian values end up doing the opposite? These ‘Christian for show’ schools are hypocrite as nothing of Christ is in them.

    Being an Indian I believe that Christ put to practice Indian motto of nonviolence and renouncement of power (worldly knowledge, money, weapon, organizational strength etc.) in the best way. He perfected that somewhat negative motto by his salvific absolute love-message. But Christians started to compromise that from the 2nd century. They began to run for power of knowledge, weapon, capital etc. which also are the root of our fall from love-heaven.

    So, the Christian world excelled in knowledge and power, while killing love. But love-God is root of our existence. Love creates everything by binding material particles together from atoms to universe, by binding spiritual particles from souls to paradises. When our internal binding love becomes weak due to neglect or attack by anti-love emotions we began to disintegrate. So the hypocrite Christian world’s children and people are disintegrating. Their adoration of weapon, education and capital destroys love. So Christ said weapon (of education, money, technology etc.) holder will be destroyed by it.

    So the hypocrite Christian society including the culprit’s deceptively decent mother really killed herself, her son and others. An illiterate gentile slave is far better than that aristocrat erudite woman.

    Now we must turn back to love culture and its derivatives—wisdom, patience, forgiveness, freedom, simplicity etc. Now it is too late to stop the imminent Atomic war, but it is never too late to practice spiritual love.