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    Who among you Geniuses really thinks God ever caused the Birth of any child who was born “LOST”??? – Come on! – You all are smarter than God, and teach what you think is the Truth; Right!! ----- And yes AMR, I received this last night along with a couple of serious nightmares, but I was able to separate the Truth in spite of his devices!!! - And NO, I still haven’t studied or read any of the Bible in at least eight months. --- Prove it’s wrong, or stay hidden in the rocks.
    I said that you and your whole Country and world are being Judged “NOW”, and there is none escaping it, or can do anything about it. - And I’ll tell you just a tiny bit why!!!! – Now follow this very closely.

    Genesis 4:1 KJV – “She “conceived”, and bare “Cain”, and said, ( “I have gotten a man from the LORD” ). – Which Lord???? – The lord, or head of the wife is the husband. – 1 Peter 3:6 KJV ----//-- OK, - like a genius, - you pick which Lord planted the seed of the fruit that was pleasing to her eyes, - the fruit of “Fornication”. - Eve received the fruit from Satan her Lord / Husband by “Marriage”. Then in turn she gave to Adam the fruit of “Adultery”, thus they ((( “KNEW” ))) they were naked, and their eyes were “CLOSED”. – The Man child Eve got from her “Lord” was Cain, the son of “Perdition”, - and Abel again was of evil fruit from Eve’s neighbor, Adam. (( You Say No ))???? --- Seth was “conceived” under the curse of the woman.
    By the time Abraham came on the scene in “Canaan”, the Land of Nod, or the Land of Wandering, or the “LOST”; – ironically Abraham met Melchisedec in the Land of the Wondering Lost Gentiles. - When Abraham received the Covenant from God; - that separated, or divided all of mankind as Sheep from the Goats, or the Justified from the “Gentiles”. – Hebrews 7:1 KJV ------//-- Melchisedec was High Priest and King of “Salem”, of the most High God in Canaan, which was later called “Jerusalem”, - on the same Place the Garden of Eden was. --- John 14:2 KJV ------//-- The Place of the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, Abraham, Melchisedec, Salem, Jerusalem, the Birth of Jesus, Armageddon, and the Final Coming of Christ in total fulfillment; took place, all in the same PLACE. – AND Jesus prepared a “Place” for US in the image of the Shadow of what the Brightness of His Coming “Washed Away”!!
    You all being the Geniuses you are, you can make up stuff like this from “Moby Dick”, or “War and Peace”, or the “Word of God” I’M SURE!!!?????? --- Let’s see you do it, and let’s see you prove any of this wrong!!!! --- If I’m SOOO ((( “Unorthodox” ))), it should be a snap for Geniuses of the Word of God, like yourselves to prove me wrong, - you are Geniuses, right!!
    Being that God said that “Simon Peter was a Canaanite”; all of Jesus’ Family were Canaanites by BLOOD except Jesus and His mother. --- Mark 3:18 KJV ------//-- Simon’s kinsman only sojourned, becoming Levites by citizenship of Israel and Judea. -- All of Jesus’ brothers and sisters, and Simon Peter who fathered them by the mother of Jesus were “Canaanites”!!. --- John 6:71 KJV ---&--- 1 Peter 5:13 KJV -------//--- Now!! – 2 Thessalonians 2:3 KJV – Believeth thou that??????? – ((( Would any you Geniuses like for me to show you who that “Man of sin” IS )))??? – John 8:44 KJV --- “Ye are of your (( father the devil )), and the lusts of your father ye will do. (( He was a “MURDERER” from the beginning” )). -------//-- Who in the beginning did the “Son of Perdition” / “Cain” Murder?? – (( “ABEL”, his Brother ))!! - “Would you say that that would be the -- “Revealing”, -- or the “Revelation of the Revelation”??? --- NO, of course you wouldn’t.
    Perdition is being totally lost; - destiny is Hell. - Satan is the Perdition; the Devil, or Satan’s body / family is made up of many members the same as the Body of Jesus. The Body or the Family of Jesus is made of many Members. -- There are only TWO SPIRITS; - Good and Evil, Light and darkness, Saved and the Gentiles lost and without God in the world. – The Body / Family of Satan, is the ( “Antichrist” ), and the Body of Jesus is the only Anointed Body by the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of the Creator. – Jesus / God came in the FORM of a good and honest HEART, and Satan came in the Form of MEN of evil hearts. – He, - the Antichrist, - that man of sin is _________.
    Revelation 17:8 KJV ----

    A few of you in your sarcasm of my Prophesy of the - “Judgment without the End” Thread, in the spring of 2007, asked me to Pray for the Country and world if I was so smart. – WELL, OK!!!
    (( May God bless and shine His Grace upon you according to your Righteousness; AMEN ))!!!!!!!
    I don’t care if you accept it or not, you haven’t accepted anything YET!!! – Try this: >> Zechariah 14:21 KJV -----///-- Words mean something, especially God’s Word. – Well, - NO, not to Geniuses.

    Paul – 010413
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    ---Gal. 4:16.
    ---"Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth"???