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Christ’s love saves, not our cruel device cross or his so called death.

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  • Christ’s love saves, not our cruel device cross or his so called death.

    Buddha once offered himself as an alternative sacrifice as we falsely think such of Christ according to catholic made bible. When he was preaching in India, ritual animal and human sacrifice was vogue as in whole humanity. He once saw many bleating animals waiting to be sacrificed in the citadel of a north Indian king. The king Bindusar was present along with courtiers and many priests. Buddha had compassion with all living beings. He tried to convince king out of that. Failing, he said that then he himself, an unblemished prince, is offering himself as a sacrifice in lieu of those creatures. The king was so moved that he not only released the animals, but accepted him as guru.

    But escapist Buddha’s idea was flawed as he rejected love-responsibility of such saved, which Christ accepted. As animals have no soul, they can’t be saved in real sense. But cruelty to any debases us. Compassion for them is a fleeting emotion, but love is abiding. By a little of that abiding love parents save and bring us up. They accept suffering and sometimes body demise for the sake of offspring. For human, body demise is not death as in other creatures. Soul-personality lives on for a time even in sinners, but eternally in saints. When parent suffers body loss for a child, his/her soul and love lives on to save the child. Their body death never saves the child abidingly and truly.

    So Christ saved after his body demise, but he never died in true sense. Death being a negative thing, i.e. being absence of life, it doesn’t exist by itself. So it can never save. Even if spared by the death of another, one is not saved if unrepentant and unchanged. A repentant one no longer need substitute. No one can be truly saved from outside.

    But humanity being rejecters of love-responsibility heaven try to avoid love, which entails responsibility. They often avoid that of children too and accept only for a limited time. This is because their pride-infected souls are weak and fragile, unable to bear load. This infection they had caught when they were in the old pride-infected paradise (far bigger than earth as sun is) of their soul-birth. Their thought and reasoning became defective there. So they rejected Love-God and accepted pride-devil. They stress on the wrong and negative things, having lost the capacity to know and do right positive things. So they practiced killing, thinking wrongly that will save them. As they have become blind to spiritual love, they don’t realize that such love only saves, no death. So they dragged unwilling animals and people to sacrifice to their pride-devil gods, as they had left Heavenly Father.

    So they forced unwilling Christ too on the cross as they forced unwilling animals to their bloody tabernacle. Heavenly Father persuaded Christ to allow that in order to expose our evil nature to ourselves for promoting repentance. He knew that his supposed death will never save them, but their aroused repentance may (moral appeal theory) by promoting practice of 2nd commandment. But Jews rejected his love and commandment of enemy love. They didn’t love enemy Romans. So they were not saved by their killing of Christ, though Christ forgave them. They were destroyed first by themselves and then by Romans. Only those obeyed Christ in enemy love were saved under Romans.

    But the unrepentant spiritually blind haughty ‘Christians’ think like aborigines and Jews that their cruel cross and supposed death sacrifice of Christ saves souls. Absolute love Father needs no sacrifice of any as He forgives all even Devil. But only the repentant one becomes capable of receiving that forgiveness, no one else. Fake Revelation’s vengeful sadist god is nothing but devil. We mustn’t confuse absolute love Heavenly Father with that god.

    In fact, pride-infected sick and fragile we can’t love spiritually any, let alone enemies. Only by culture of love-repentance that pride-infection can be cured. As the infection is cured progressively we progressively love others spiritually, even enemies. I hated enemy Muslims who deprived and drove us out of our homeland by the sword. Coming to Christ, that hate was gone, though I scarcely loved them. But I could gradually love them and others when I began to repent-atone in serving destitute, not before. Now I am ministering to them.

    Now at last after 50 years of that atonement my eyes are opened to see that never Christ’s cross, flesh, blood or supposed death save. Only his deathless love saves if we repent for our pride-depravity. So I hang the image of crucifix on my wall to permanently remind me of my responsibility of that crime and depravity. Though we couldn’t kill him, by intention we are murderers.

    Many will oppose me by catholic made bible’s doctrines. They must know that those hold meaning only for less than 1% of humanity. Others follow reason and I m
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