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Resurrection is immediate; end times one is Persian hoax.

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  • Resurrection is immediate; end times one is Persian hoax.

    Our practical experience shows that soul immediately suffers from sins (unloving actions) and benefits from loving actions. Love actions integrate inner soul parts and with others making it stronger while sin does the opposite. But Christians being suicidal heaven fallen humanity, who seeks to disintegrate and destroy self and others, prefers sin and sin-leaders devils such as gods and demigods. Their end times resurrection and judgment theory is to deceive self others that punishment is far far off. So “do what you wish!!”

    Except the Persian and Christianity influenced by it, other peoples’ scriptures Indian, Chinese, Egyptian etc. have no hint of it. Our exorcism and experience show that soul immediately starts working after death. Though weaker souls among those buried are imprisoned under the earth for some time after death. But stronger souls don’t remain there. There are instances when devils torture or imprison sin-weak souls, who sometimes escape from them and hide in living humanity.

    Christ often said that resurrection and judgment is immediate (Mt26-52, jn4-24; 11-26). But gospel written or narrated by apostles after 30 years after Christ, completely from fallible memory, represented Christ inaccurate and tainted by their prejudices. So Catholics rejected many apostolic gospels by using their reason. They also edited the rest of the accepted ones. So there are interpolated hints of Christ’s support of Persian end time’s resurrection and judgment theory. As catholics created the bible with bloody old testament and Revelation of a sadist god to support their war involvement, they also did it to support their emperor war lords.

    So we must use our reason to take those which are supported by experience. The unsupportable evil end times judgment and resurrection theory actually promotes sin. If one knew that fire will burn him immediately he will avoid that. But if he is told that he will get pain and blisters many years after, let alone in end times, it will scarcely deter him. Yes! Sin immediately harms as fire burn blisters! But as start of cancer is not noticed, sin-harms may not be noticed also in many cases.

    Criminals often support themselves by this evil theory. Muslims fanatically believing in end time’s judgment are most crime-prone, far more than gentiles. Though they will vehemently profess it by mouth, their behavior say they don’t believe that unbelievable theory by their mind. This unreasonable theory must not be allowed to delude us.