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  • Are you an Infidel?

    A Challenge:
    Ok, I’m going to hold this Thread to the standards that the geniuses here on TOL demand. Let’s just see if there is any difference in their hatred.

    Are you an Infidel, liar, Truth hater, or a lover of Truth, and of Jesus Christ? Or are you just a bunch of foolish unlearn, self inflicted know-it-alls? In other words: Are you a Christian, or are you an Infidel?

    Here’s a question to all of you: - Can you prove that anything about the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ is extended beyond AD70? Can you prove by the Word of God that any prophesy; any prophesy of anything; anything at all is extended beyond AD70??

    I know you can show any number of prophesies, but show me, and all the rest of these here on TOL that you are as smart as you think you are. If you can, then you must prove many, many prophesies wrong. I’m listing just a few below:
    Mark 13:29-30 KJV –
    Matthew 16:28 KJV –
    Luke 21:20 KJV –

    Isaiah 31:9 KJV –
    Isaiah 4:4 KJV –
    Matthew 13:41-42 KJV –

    I know that none of you can prove by the Scriptures that any single one of those happen after AD70. Now don’t just show Scriptures, that don’t pinpoint the event to any time at all, but show that it has to take place after the fall of Jerusalem and the Temple in AD70.

    Now if I’m so wrong, and the end did not take place in AD70, then you, as wise as you all think you are; you should have no problem proving me wrong. However, I know you can’t. So get all the help you all can muster from the wisest men in your God, and world, because I Challenge you all. – ( “I CHALLENGE YOU ALL” ). Now let’s see just who the real Christians are, and who the Infidels are. Once and for all!

    There are two or three different kinds of people here on TOL, calling themselves Christians. They are the cowards, the totally unlearned, and the know-it-alls, who know nothing. Prove me wrong

    Paul – 090912
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    ---Gal. 4:16.
    ---"Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth"???