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Deadly Faith-save doctrines of Christians, Hindus and Muslims.

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  • Deadly Faith-save doctrines of Christians, Hindus and Muslims.

    We were almost destroyed by faith-save doctrine of Muslims. They killed, raped and looted feeling secure in their faith. As long they believed in their prophet and God they are sure for heaven!

    So also Hindus believed that as long they believed in their incarnate Gods and chanted their names all their sins will go away. Heaven is sure. So they killed the aborigines of India and took everything silencing their conscience by that.

    Similarly, Christians massacred the weaker races and aborigines of continents including Europe to rob their all, using faith-save doctrine to silence their conscience. Though Christ didn’t teach exploitation, that doesn’t deter exploiters. Almost all compromising Christians are faith-save people. From ancient converted Romans to present Nazis are so. They masquerade their faith by vocal confession, cross, church making, formulating rituals, revering ancient books as God’s word etc., but never by the crucial 2nd commandment.

    Born during Indian riots during World War 2 and coming to Christ at 18years I knew that selfish humanity is rushing to soul-suicide by exploiting others. Only by sacrificing self one lives as Christ said. Reading the life of Christian martyrs in communist countries I knew that what high sacrifice is needed to save the souls of self and others. They were worked to death while being spat at and defecated upon. But it is an insignificant sacrifice compared to the gain of love-integrity of soul. That is eternal heaven of fecundity where Christ is inviting all.

    As Christ’s life in ancient times was gospel, their lives are better gospel relevant to modern times. So I am following and invite others too. It is the duty of every Christ follower to call others to be worthy for those blessed martyr’s crosses.

    Soon the states increasingly burdened with defunct old people and social security systems will crash. People will opt for suicide by electing Hitler like leaders. The hawks then will start atomic holocaust. But we can save our souls by following Christ and martyrs through those purifying crosses inflicted on us for obeying 2nd commandment.