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One on One: Knight and Town Heretic, whats all this fuss with SOD?

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  • One on One: Knight and Town Heretic, whats all this fuss with SOD?

    Some other Dude and Town Heretic have a ongoing battle that has caused quite a stir on TOL.

    Since I haven't read each and every post it's hard for me to determine just what seems to be the root of the contention. From what little I have read it seems to be Some Other Dude (SOD) has a reasonable point and is making that point in a reasonable way.

    I admit I could be wrong about that. (it's just my early assessment based on what little I have read)

    So.... I would like to explore these issues with TH myself because he is a good friend and also very well liked as a TOL "regular". I want to understand where TH is coming from and see if my first assessment is in error.

    TH, before we get started I would like to ask you to keep your posts "bite size" so it's easier for me to respond. I don't have tons of time these days so I would rather make more responses that are short and to the point than a few loooong responses that cover more ground (I just don't have time to read and write super long posts, plus it's more fun for people to read when the thread is more like an actual discussion). It also should be noted that I am blindsiding TH and I didn't ask him if he wanted to participate in this thread. That's the power you get when you are the boss.

    So lets get started shall we?

    TH, can you summarize for me what seems to be the problem between you and SOD?
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