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Why was the Sabbath made for man.

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    Originally posted by Ps82 View Post
    Hi God's Truth,
    You wrote: God the Father is invisible, without a body, just a Spirit. God the Father made Himself a body---that body is the body of the immortal body of Jesus Christ, the First and the Last--the body God had before coming to earth in the flesh, and the body He received back after rising from the dead and ascending to heaven.
    When the invisible God the Father made Himself a body, He still lived in unapproachable light AND now too in the body that He made.

    So now you see two, but still the one and only God, now with a soul.

    My response: This may be where we differ in our conclusions.
    You said God the Father is invisible.
    I say God the Spirit is invisible but God the Father is visible.
    The scriptures say there is only one God and He is the Father.

    Maybe if I try to give a visual to my beliefs it might help you to understand more of what I believe...

    I think of the Father as the sun, and the son is the light going forth in a body, and the Holy Spirit is God's Spirit going forth without a body.

    Psalm 84:11 For the LORD God is a sun and a shield; the LORD gives grace and glory; He withholds no good thing from those who walk with integrity.

    Originally posted by Ps82 View Post

    It reminds me of the one seen in the fiery furnace ... The king saw a visage of a male person, like a fourth man, who also looked like a son of God, within the flames. This super-natural one was equally able to prevent the three children of Israel from being consumed by the fire. Do you now know who the fourth man who looked like a Son of God was?

    The one who appeared in the flames of the bush and in the flames of the furnace was the living image created before all other creatures and chosen by God to represent himself visually within creation. Yes, this special super-natural one was the Father's presence but remember the WORD was with the Father from the beginning while his ultimate visage would remain hidden in the Father for yet a long time until it was to be manifested on earth in human form.

    Do many of the things said in the Bible about the LORD Father seem to also be referring, like foreshadows, to the Son? Yes. Why? Because, according to Jesus he, being the WORD of God, and the Father are ONE.
    The words of God are Spirit, and the Son is the Word, and the Son is the Spirit.

    See John 6:63, and Revelation 19:13, and 2 Corinthians 3:17, 18.

    Originally posted by Ps82 View Post
    Who is the Son? He is God the Spirit, God the LORD Father, and God the Savior appearing as the begotten Son. Isaiah 43:11 says: I [God the Spirit], even I AM the LORD, beside ME there is no Savior. Here you have a picture of the one God which we describe as the Trinity.

    Tired ... will try to find my place so I can discuss some of your points no yet covered. Have a good evening. Thanks for taking time to read my responses.
    I have carefully read each and every thing, and thank you for reading mine so carefully too.
    Oh how I love the Word of God!

    Don't just hear the word and believe it---do it.