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    This may be of interest to some here: There's an international project to study the entire Talmud, one double-sided page per day. It takes 7 1/2 years. A new study cycle started about 9 months ago, and I'm doing this with my wife. It's been a good intellectual focus for us during these difficult Corona days. The text is in a mix of ancient Aramaic and Hebrew- but there are plenty of on line dictionaries and translations available. It's become a fairly popular project- tens of thousands do this. In my family, besides ourselves, one son is doing this (the second time around), as well as two sisters in law. I have a friend in England who's on his 4th cycle!

    Right now we're in a rather difficult volume that deals with the Sabbath limit (which is mentioned in Acts, by the way).

    Some sources about this:
    "9 things to know"
    Sefaria on line texts and translations

    I'll be happy to answer any respectful questions.