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Media-Democrat tantrum is a response of fear

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  • Media-Democrat tantrum is a response of fear

    The American Thinker website posts some very good articles. This thread has the same title as the article.

    Media-Democrat Tantrum a Fear Response

    By Fletch Daniels
    In 1776, 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence, knowing that their actions would be viewed as treason by the prevailing power. Should the revolution fail, they were signing their death certificates.
    Indeed, many paid a heavy price. Five were captured, tortured, and killed. Nine more were killed in the fighting and the hardships it produced. Many sacrificed sons, homes, and livelihoods. But these brave patriots helped win America's independence and set it on a path to become a constitutional republic.
    Fast-forward a mere 240 years. A group of corrupt and craven people gathered in secret to once again consider radical actions. But, unlike the Declaration's signers, they were the prevailing power and intended to remain so, fully confident in their complete control of government, the media, the Judiciary, academia, entertainment, and nearly every form of cultural power.
    They feared no consequences. It was simply inconceivable to them that with so many hands on the scales, they could possibly lose an election.
    And then they did. All of their treasonous misdeeds that were supposed to not only be covered up, but rewarded by the queen of corruption were suddenly a real vulnerability. They weren't just shattered by the election loss. They were genuinely afraid.
    But they weren't defenseless. They had lost the presidency and did not control Congress, but they still controlled the other pillars of power. So they doubled down on lawlessness and planned a coup under the most ridiculous pretenses, knowing that an administration under siege would be much less likely to uncover and expose their villainy.
    I believe that the active intervention of Admiral Mike Rogers, the then-director of the National Security Agency, may have prevented its success.
    Their efforts certainly delayed any day of reckoning, and the jury is still out on whether that reckoning can still come in this country where the Left has such control of the bureaucracy and media.
    But President Donald Trump is a rare politician. Despite all the churn and seditious efforts, he remained the happy warrior, never losing sight of the importance of uncovering the origins of the coup attempt. And, in the appointment of William Barr as attorney general, he finally had the right guy, a kindred spirit with the moral courage to ignore the noise and see it through.
    That brings us to today. The media-Democrat establishment is increasingly reacting like a cornered feral beast.
    The rest of the article is found here
    “Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.”
    ― Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

    “One and God make a majority.”
    ― Frederick Douglass