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Trump says he might commute sentence of Rod Blagojevich

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  • Trump says he might commute sentence of Rod Blagojevich

    CHICAGO (AP) — President Donald Trump has sent his clearest signal yet that he may be about to sign commutation papers freeing former Illinois governor and one-time “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Rod Blagojevich from federal prison in Colorado.

    The 62-year-old Democrat, who was once best known and the butt of jokes for his thick, meticulously coiffed hair, is seven years into a lengthy sentence for extortion, bribery and other wide-ranging political corruption.

    “I thought he was treated unbelievably unfairly,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One this week about Blagojevich. He added: “I’m thinking about commuting his sentence very strongly.” Trump on Thursday took to Twitter , saying that many people have asked him to look into commuting Blagojevich’s sentence. “White House staff is continuing the review of this matter,” Trump tweeted.

    Trump’s comments aboard Air Force One on Blagojevich’s case contained several errors and underplayed the severity of the crimes, which included attempting to sell an appointment to the U.S. Senate seat vacated when Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008.
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    Hey. Barbarian still hates Trump. What a surprise.
    Where is the evidence for a global flood?
    "the best maths don't need no stinkin' numbers"

    "The waters under the 'expanse' were under the crust."
    -Bob B.


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      Blago is pretty much Trump without a wealthy daddy to set him up with a few hundred million to get started:

      It's no wonder Trump thinks it's unfair he's in jail. After all, he was just trying to make money by selling a senatorial seat.

      In Trump's value system, that's just being smart.
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