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Who sold condos to Venezuelan dictator's pals? Signs of money laundering.

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  • Who sold condos to Venezuelan dictator's pals? Signs of money laundering.

    Years before President Donald Trump embarked on a campaign to oust Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro, the real estate mogul’s business was selling condominiums to the strongman’s supporters.

    At least half a dozen Venezuelans linked to either Maduro or his predecessor, dictator Hugo Chavez, purchased Trump condos in New York City and South Florida prior to Trump becoming president, according to property records. Several of the individuals faced serious allegations of — and even pleaded guilty to — the type of financial fraud in Venezuela that Trump now regularly decries.

    While the sales themselves weren’t illegal, the buyers’ backgrounds and purchase methods made the transactions suspicious, according to financial fraud experts. They noted that many of the purchases were made above the apparent market value, fully in cash or using shell companies to obscure identities — all potential signs of money laundering, the experts said.

    The sales have raised questions about whether some of these Venezuelan purchasers were buying Trump properties in order to store ill-gotten gains offshore — an issue Trump as president has vowed to address.

    “Millions of Venezuelans are starving and suffering while a small handful at the top of the Maduro regime plunder the nation into poverty and into death,” he said in a February speech in Miami. “We know who they are, and we know where they keep the billions of dollars that they have stolen.”

    The purchases are yet another example of Trump’s long, complex — and often hidden — foreign business record gaining new scrutiny and relevance because of his presidency. Some instances have promoted fears that Trump is going easy on foreign leaders because of his personal business interests. Other cases have revealed the head-spinning nature of a freewheeling businessman suddenly having to lead the U.S. against former business partners.

    Anyone surprised?
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    Was it mitch McConnell?


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      This is hilarious. During the timeline in which Trump is now being accused of shady dealing the man in power in Venezuala was Chavez. And Chavez was praised by the left for being such a good guy. Now that his policies, and those of his successor, have brought Venezuala to it's knees and it's people are starving Trump is a bad guy because he sold property anywhere from 12 to 17 years ago to guys who were associated with Chavez. Now those guys are evil and the left is running as far away as it can from it's support for that dictator and his henchman and using Trump's dealings with Chavez's associates, during the years they were praising Chavez, as evidence that Trump is a bad man. If that's so, what does all this say about all these leftist who praised Chavez, and Maduro, for years as beneficient political saints? Just how stupid and corrupt are they willing to make themselves look in their attempts to smear Trump?
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