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    It is very dangerous that Iran is now enriching uranium to higher levels. For such uranium could be employed by Iran in "dirty bombs" exploded against Iran's Sunni enemies in Iraq, and also against U.S. diplomatic and military facilities in Iraq. For such radioactive bombs could be built by Iran and then handed off to Iraqi Shiite militias in Iraq (who are in utter thrall to Shiite Iran), and then the militias could place and detonate the bombs in Iraq.

    May God help Iraq.


    Also, Iraq is getting so desperate because of Trump's sanctions that he needs to be extra careful not to be assassinated by an Iranian super-long-range sniper, who could target him during his upcoming campaign stops in the heartland. For example, such an Iranian assassin could camouflage himself up high in dense trees at the far, far end of an empty field, with a sight line to the President as he is giving a speech outside. So the President needs to make sure, from now on, to always have bulletproof glass shields all around him while he is speaking outside (like he had during the 4th), even if some dense trees seem "too far away" to pose any threat as a possible sniper's nest.


    Also, the horrible threat to the U.S. posed by Russia has not diminished in any way. For example, the loss of life on the Losharik was horrible. But the disabling of the spy sub could have prevented (or merely delayed) the cutting or tapping of key, deep-sea cables linking the U.S. and Europe across the North Atlantic.


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      The U.S. needs to help the Philippines in its struggle with China, in the Philippine territorial waters of the South China Sea.

      For the Philippines knows that it cannot take on China there by itself. For that would be like a 70-pound kid trying to take on a 350-pound bully in the schoolyard.

      Duterte has publicly asked for the U.S.'s help, saying that he is willing to take the second (defensive) shot against China there, so long as the U.S. takes the first.

      So why isn't the U.S. doing more?

      It could be because China's tactics are so slippery.

      The CCP sends Chinese (supposedly) civilian fishing boats into Philippine territorial waters to overwhelm any Philippine fishing boats there, whether by sheer numbers, or by actually ramming the Philippine boats and leaving their souls to drown.

      The answer is that the Philippine Navy needs to protect the Philippine fishing boats from Chinese (supposedly) civilian fishing boats.

      But then China will send Chinese Navy boats into Philippine waters to protect the Chinese fishing boats.

      And then the Philippine Navy will be routed by the Chinese Navy.

      So the U.S. Navy needs to step in and chase away the Chinese (supposedly) civilian fishing boats in Philippine waters.

      Why isn't the U.S. already doing this?

      It could be because Trump hates the cost of employing U.S. military forces to protect foreign interests with no payment from those foreigners. For example, this is the reason why he wants other nations to pay for the protection of ships passing through Hormuz from Iranian attacks.

      But the Philippines is a relatively poor country. It can in no way afford to pay the cost of sending U.S. ships to protect Philippine waters from Chinese encroachment.

      And it is not in the U.S.'s own interest for China to gradually take de facto control of the Philippine territorial waters of the South China Sea, or the territorial waters of the many other non-Chinese countries bordering the South China Sea, which China is also encroaching upon.

      For then China will take over the whole Sea.

      So step up, America! Defend your allies, and your interests (and the free-world's interests) in the South China Sea.

      And may God help you and bless you as you do this.


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        Epstein has been asking for house arrest. But this will not keep him safe from committing "suicide", or having a "heart attack", or an unfortunate "accident" in his New York mansion (unless his security guards are incorruptible). For he has too much dirt on too many powerful men. If they think that he is going to go the "plea deal" route, with full cooperation with prosecutors, that could seal his fate.

        He doesn't seem like the type of guy who would easily squeal on his friends. But if he is faced with the choice of being sent to prison (and sodomy rape) for the rest of his life, or telling SDNY all that he knows about what everyone did on Sin Island; and then going into hiding into some other place under protective custody, then he may choose the latter route.

        Also, SDNY, in its utter politicization, its utter, Dem animus against Trump, may have opened a can of worms which it will ultimately wish that it had not opened (or had not pursued vigorously). For Epstein has a lot of dirt on Dem visitors (even many-times repeated Dem visitors) to Sin Island. So does SDNY want to bring down these Dems, even key Dems, along with Trump?

        Also, is it true that Comey's daughter will play a role in pursuing the Epstein case? If so, is this a Deep State punch-back against Trump's AG's new investigation into the DS's work against Trump, which included employing U.K. intel to spy on him? Also, could the U.K.'s compliance with this have been revenged (in just a preliminary, small part) by U.S. intel having recently spied on the U.K. ambassador's communications to home?

        Everyone needs to realize that the NSA can tap every electronic communication known to man, regardless of whether it is supposedly "encrypted" or not. Ask, for example, the Puerto Rican governor, who foolishly used Telegram, thinking that he could privately trash political leaders there without ever being found out.

        There is no privacy in electronic communication.

        Which for some reason brings to mind the verse:

        Ecclesiastes 10:20 Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the matter.

        Here the "air" brings to mind cellphone signals, and the "wings" bring to mind the solar panels on cellphone-service satellites, which transfer everything you say or text to any entity with access to their signals.


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          Iran needs regime change. And the sooner the better.

          As its commandos were rappelling down a rope from a helicopter to violently take over an innocent (and empty) British tanker, a man filming the scene from an Iranian "fast-boat" shouted out the Islamic chant: "Allah is great!".

          Iran thinks that every terrorist act that it commits is Allah God's will; that it must happen.

          Some people argue that war with Iran would be too horrible, with ICBMs raining down on Israel and Saudi Arabia, and fast-boats shooting rockets to destroy every refinery, power station, and desalination plant on the Arabian Gulf's Western shore.

          But this is Iran's ultimate aim anyway, regardless of whether any power declares war on it. Theocratic, Shiite Iran (in its mind) must ultimately completely destroy all Sunni Arabs and all Western forces not only in the Middle East, but throughout the whole world. It is Allah's will. It must happen.

          A stitch in time saves nine. Stop Iran's regime now, before it obtains nuclear weapons (either from North Korea, or from its own program); or you will hear cries of: "Allah is great!" as Iranian nukes rain down on Tel Aviv and Riyadh.


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            The U.S. has dropped the ball in Southeast Asia. For now China is building naval and air bases in Cambodia. The U.S. noted its "concern" over this to Cambodia last year. But Cambodia's leaders do not care about "concern"; what they want is cash.

            So the U.S. needs to give them more cash than the CCP is giving them, so they will kick China out and be the allies of the U.S. instead.


            Also, the U.S. foolishly pushed Pakistan away a couple of years ago, leaving it to fall into China's orbit. China could have then begun to build naval and air bases in Pakistan. But now Khan has learned how evil the CCP is, and he is seeking to return Pakistan to being a U.S. ally instead.

            The Pakistani people should rejoice at this, rejoice at Khan's wisdom. For the CCP only brings tyranny and misery wherever it goes, while the U.S. brings greater democracy and prosperity wherever it goes.

            Just ask Japan and Germany. If the CCP had been in the U.S.'s position at the end of World War II, it would have turned Japan and Germany into Communist Party hellholes, like it has turned mainland China into one.


            Also, how could Britain have abandoned its poor tanker to Iran's thugs, even after it had bravely defended another tanker from them?

            What went wrong? Did Britain think that Iran would only attack a full British tanker, not an empty one?

            Clearly, there was serious lack of judgment. The British Defense Minister needs to apologize and resign immediately, and be replaced by someone who will take the Hormuz situation seriously, and attack it aggressively.

            The British people must demand nothing less.


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              On Monday, the WSJ had a picture of Roberta Flack in 1973, with a big afro.

              The afro was beautiful.

              The afro is beautiful. It was designed by God.

              Why have black people gotten rid of it?


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                Also on Monday, the WSJ had an article on "deep fakes", saying that they could "sow discord" before the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

                Imagine if someone made a "deep fake" video of Trump in the Oval Office ranting and raving against black people, and using the N-word vociferously.

                This could cause riots in the streets. For who would put up with that?

                Also, the WSJ article quoted a Truepic executive as saying that as "deep fakes" improve in quality, which they are doing rapidly, people are "going to start distrusting every piece of content they see".

                But here the keyword is "see", in the sense of images. For deep fakes refer only to images, whether photographs or videos.

                Which brought to mind the following verse:

                Exodus 20:4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath . . .

                This was originally in reference to idols which people made to worship.

                But don't we worship images today, in the sense of print being more and more replaced by videos, which can now be faked?

                Thank God that He gave us His Bible in print, and has kept its ancient manuscripts in existence for so long, so that it is not difficult for Christians to quickly check whether a purported "quote from the Bible" is true or faked.

                We can trust that what the Bible says is from God (2 Timothy 3:16 to 4:4).

                But we cannot trust videos.


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                  Originally posted by bibleverse2 View Post
                  On Monday, the WSJ had a picture of Roberta Flack in 1973, with a big afro.

                  The afro was beautiful.

                  The afro is beautiful. It was designed by God.

                  Why have black people gotten rid of it?
                  Preference and convenience. The same as all people.
                  is a fragile thing.

                  Easy to break, Easy to lose
                  and one of the hardest things to
                  ever get back.


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                    Originally posted by bibleverse2 View Post
                    On Monday, the WSJ had a picture of Roberta Flack in 1973, with a big afro.

                    The afro was beautiful.

                    The afro is beautiful. It was designed by God.

                    Why have black people gotten rid of it?
                    "Those who believe in Christ" are all the Christians, Catholic or not.



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                      Originally posted by Rusha View Post
                      Preference and convenience. The same as all people.
                      Good point. Black people could simply prefer not to have afros. No problem with that.

                      But the question is why do almost all black people now no longer have afros when it is still their God-given hair, and so it the most convenient for them to simply stick with, instead of torturing their hair until it lies down straight?

                      What is so great about straight hair?


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                        Originally posted by Idolater View Post
                        You will have to educate me here. How much upkeep does an afro need, as opposed to hair-straightening?

                        It would seem that the afro is the perfect, low-upkeep hair. Just fluff it out when necessary with an afro comb, and that's it.

                        God-designed perfection.

                        And beautiful.


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                          Modi has made a serious mistake in removing Kashmir's autonomy.

                          For this will only inflame Muslim sentiment against Hindu India, and so result in more terrorism.

                          There was no need for Modi's move. Kashmir's status quo was sustainable.

                          But he could have been frightened by Trump's recent claim that he would mediate between India and Pakistan with regard to Kashmir.

                          For Modi could have feared that Trump would side with Pakistan, because of its willingness to bring the Taliban into peace negotiations in Afghanistan.

                          So Modi could have wanted to head that off at the pass by simply absorbing Kashmir completely into India.

                          But this will never happen, just as the U.S. could never defeat the Taliban.

                          The Muslims do not "absorb" into countries of other religions.

                          Just look at the problems that the (atheist) CCP regime is having in trying to absorb the Uighurs.

                          Also, Muslim regions are not easily destroyed militarily in countries of other religions.

                          Just look at the problems that the (Buddhist) Myanmar regime is having in trying to destroy the Muslims in northwestern Myanmar.

                          The Muslims in these regions should be given autonomy, after plebiscites proving that this is what they want.

                          Anything less is tyranny.

                          Utter tyranny.


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                            Facial recognition poses the gravest threat to privacy ever invented by man.

                            For it can be used, by corporations and governments, to track innocent people without their permission.

                            This is already happening with license-plate reading cameras posted at intersections and on police cruisers.

                            For this information is sold to corporations for advertisement purposes, and stored in government databases for future criminal investigations, without any input from the people whose cars are being surveilled.

                            This must stop. It is Orwellian.

                            Some people claim that we should not worry, because the government cannot use the info without a warrant.

                            But this is false, just as the government already uses all of our internet and cellphone info without a warrant, through the 702 loophole.

                            Also, we are foolish to think that our current government will last forever. For the Bible shows that the future Antichrist (the individual-man aspect of Revelation's "beast") will, by the power of Satan himself (the dragon), ultimately take hegemony over all nations (Revelation 13:4-18, Revelation 12:9).

                            And he will no doubt use facial recognition to track everyone, even those who have foresworn cellphones and cars in order to keep from being surveilled.


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                              Identity politics is a vile, reverse-racism against whites. For it tells them that they must feel ashamed and evil because of their color of their skin, even when they have done nothing wrong.

                              It could be part of what is inspiring some unhinged white people to wrongly commit mass murder against non-whites, thinking that they are doing so in self-defense, in the self-defense of the white race.

                              But people must never commit any violence against other people, even in self-defense (Matthew 5:39). Just wait for Jesus Christ's return from heaven, when the meek (of all races) will inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5, Revelation 5:9).

                              Identity politics is extremely dangerous, for it makes race a key issue, when it is not an issue at all to God, who has made all races of one blood (Acts 17:26).

                              Identity politics must be eradicated immediately, for the safety of the country.


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                                South Korea is taking advantage of the U.S.'s promise to defend it against its enemies.

                                For without the U.S. watching over it, South Korea would not be flogging the comfort women issue against Japan, resulting in the break of relations between them, thereby weakening the Northeastern Asian Alliance of Japan, South Korea, and the U.S. against the three evil tyrannies of Russia, China, and North Korea.

                                South Korea and Japan are acting like two chickens fighting over a worm, while three evil wolves stand over them, ready to devour them.

                                Wake up!

                                Put aside minor disagreements, especially ones which have already been settled, and focus on the larger picture.

                                Do not take advantage of the U.S.'s commitment to you, which is put forward at the threat to the lives of tens of thousands of U.S. military personnel.

                                Make peace!

                                Your bickering is pathetic, and dangerous.

                                It only weakens you before your real enemies.