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‘Gays’ Admit They’re Not ‘Born that Way’

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    Originally posted by Arthur Brain View Post
    To your latter, they don't. I didn't and I've yet to hear anyone else say they decided to start being attracted to the opposite sex one day...
    Same here ... no one is ever able to give the account of the day they *chose* to be straight.
    A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man
    we can trust with nuclear weapons.

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      Originally posted by GFR7 View Post
      Hat tip to the illustrious Musterion for this one

      Of course if taken seriously, it would negate the scotus ruling

      This is also a part of the gay "bait and switch" strategy: (even said openly, sans hidden camera by many now)

      Pull the public in with certain arguments, then, once granted rights,
      change the argument - or admit to the truth of the argument.

      ‘Gays’ Admit They’re Not ‘Born that Way’
      I'm not sure how this would negate the SCOTUS ruling.

      I am not allowed to discriminate against you because of your religion. Were you born that religion, or is it a choice? And why should your choice be protected, but a gay man's choice not?
      Having the right to do something does not automatically make it the right thing to do.