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an insider speaks on Congress's corruption

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  • an insider speaks on Congress's corruption

    I thought I would provide excerpts from things said by Tom Coburn, former Congressman from OK who was one of the only Members to hold onto his integrity while in WA (so it seems)

    It would seem that Lindsey Graham was another one.

    which reminds me of an amusing story Cobrun tells in his book Breach of Trust

    p. 85

    Members of R leadership (Congress) were meeting to decide what to do about the Gingrich problem [strange story all by itself...].


    "One meeting about the 'Newt problem'... took place... 1997... a meeting Armey would later suggest never happened... Armey agreed Newt needed to go [Gingrich had morphed into a big-spending RINO]... DeLay approached Lindsey Graham, the alleged ringleader of this effort... and said "If you guys are going to do anything, you better do it now."

    Graham: "What are you talking about?"

    Delay: "Well, I'll get some guys together if you want to talk to us"

    [Lindsey and Co. were worried about losing every battle to Pres Bill Clinton, as was "always" the case...]

    [so anyway, skipping through a page or 2... Armey denied being on Graham's side in this matter]

    "As Armey tried to take us to the woodshed... I felt I was listening to someone with two personalities. There was the Dick Armey who wanted Gingrich to be removed as Speaker, and then there was the Dick Armey whose political surivial depnded on not being perceived as trying to oust him. A few days later when Armey delivered a similar speech to the entire conference, Lindsey Graham exploded in anger... threw back a chair and lunged toward Armey while calling him a liar..."


    [I'm glad someone doesn't appreciate liars]