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loathe Debbie Wassernman Schultz.. but.. right about this

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  • loathe Debbie Wassernman Schultz.. but.. right about this

    DWS was on Megyn Kelly

    and she was rambling away about things, the usual boring lib talking points like how a woman has a fundamental right to kill her child if the child has the misfortune of living in her womb..

    stuff like that.

    But she accused the conservatives of only caring aobut certain groups of people

    and THAT hit home.

    Frankly, t he conservatives (most of them ) do not seem to care about the poor (you RARELY hear FOX dealing w/ the issue of the homeless... and other problems the poor have...)

    Of course, the libs do not care about them either. They would throw them a few crumbs from the WA banquet and then just as soon forget about them entirely.. making them dependent on


    and of course, it is not good to be dependent on


    so... no one cares about the downtrodden. Why don't both parties just admit it?

    billions of the taxpayer's dollars are spent on... bridges to nowhere... studying shrimp on treadmills.. roads that do not need work (but someone in Congress made a good political move, so his district gets the $$ anyway.. for road repairs that are not even neded)

    and yet there are people living under bridges, and in cars... etc...

    Something is terribly, terribly wrong in this country


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    There is a weird pattern in the US

    the libs often speak of the homeless and their problems and what causes them... (while the conservatives rarely do, but the conservatives talk about things the libs don't)

    In a way, the libs are sometimes right about what causes those problems. It IS society's fault, to some extent. It is NEVER all that person's fault.. unless said person just throws his life away through binge drinking, excessive drug use... But even then, usually that person is unhappy b/c of SOMEONE else... someone in his or her life.. which is NOT society in general's fault.. but still...

    Anyway... where was I?

    God knows...

    I'll be back later.. to finish my lost thought... hopefully