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Democrat Rapist escapes prison but suffers Acid Attack

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  • Democrat Rapist escapes prison but suffers Acid Attack

    This was posted on LiveLeak.

    I'm surprised that the judge ruled as he did.

    But I can't say I understand the US justice system. I'm surprised daily by it.

    Despite having raped two women and pleading guilty to the crime last year, a former Democratic congressional aide won’t face the mandatory jail time for his violent attacks, now that he has become a prisoner in his own horrifically disfigured body.Donny Ray Williams had amassed a pretty impressive resume, having once worked as a staffer for the Senate Homeland Security subcommittee, but his hard work unraveled when he became a predator on unwilling women. In 2010, Williams slipped an intern a sleeping pill, then repeatedly raped her while she laid lethargic and unconscious. He also admitted to raping a second woman that same year, who had allowed herself to become so drunk she didn’t know what was happening to her, according to the Daily Mail.

    But losing his prestigious status on Capitol Hill was not nearly as hard as the karma that maimed his body, when Williams himself became a victim of a crime, unrelated to the rapes.

    image: 039332f41f6249e92b06c91b4db65f5e99818bdd59e4942d9d 593da&ec_rate=230

    Williams was the target of an acid attack in 2013, when a stranger tossed acid in the staffer’s face as he walked down a street in Washington. The acid dripped down his face and doused other parts of his body, creating injuries and suffering that would mar the remainder of his life, theWashington Post reported.

    “I thought I was going to die,” Williams recalled. Given his physical appearance after the attack and 20 subsequent surgeries, he likely feels death is a better alternative, having lost sight in one eye and being around $1 million in debt

    The acid attack victim believes the assailant was a jealous ex-boyfriend of a woman he was dating at the time and wasn’t a random occurrence. But the majority of his face is now disfigured and he has an enormous lump on top of his head, which is where doctors have surgically implanted a rod to stretch his skin in an effort to promote healing.

    The intern Williams sexually assaulted was present in court at his sentencing when he pleaded guilty to the attack and expressed remorse for his wrongdoings, despite having first denied the allegations.

    “After the assault, I moved away, and he continued to harass me and threatened me to drop the charges. This crime has caused me fear, pain and a financial burden,” the rape victim said in a letter for the jury.

    image: 039332f41f6249e92b06c91b4db65f5e99818bdd59e4942d9d 593da&ec_rate=230

    Prosecutors asked Judge Robert E. Morin on Friday to spare Williams prison time since he himself was a victim of a heinous crime and his health is in peril as a result. Morin reluctantly agreed to their request, regardless of Williams telling him he should be given “some jail time.” Instead, Morin sentenced the mangled rapist to five years probation, saying he “was a victim of an independent crime and has serious medical issues.”

    It’s difficult to sympathize with a man who sexually assaulted two women and is now using an unrelated event to exonerate himself of wrong doing. A crime perpetrated on him does not cancel out crimes he knowingly committed. It should not matter that he was a victim of a brutal attack, it is inexcusable to do the same to another. He should be prosecuted for what he’s done, despite what’s happened to him.


    Behold, the whirlwind of the Lord
    Goes forth with fury, A continuing whirlwind;
    It will fall violently on the head of the wicked.
    The fierce anger of the Lord will not return
    until He has done it, And until He has performed
    the intents of His heart.
    In the final days you will consider it. - Jer. 30:23-24


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    Originally posted by Nazaroo View Post
    This was posted on LiveLeak.

    I'm surprised that the judge ruled as he did.

    But I can't say I understand the US justice system. I'm surprised daily by it.
    viewed through this lens
    it is inherently corrupt and evil and only exists to benefit scumbag lawyers and judges
    it makes pefect sense