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Parents are being forced to educate their own kids!

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  • Parents are being forced to educate their own kids!

    Hello my fellow TOL'ers!

    During this pandemic, parents have found themselves cornered in a most terrifying way; They are now being forced to educate their own kids! Without the government's assistance!

    With such a horrifying task, How can we trust parents (Who where educated by the same public school system) to teach their kids skills they have completely forgotten?! (According to most government-education-loving-analyst company I could think of:

    Sarcasm aside, I think we are going to find a shocking increase of homeschoolers after the schools reopen.

    Some parents are going to ask "Why didn't we homeschool in the first place?".

    Some parents will find their children keep their innocence past the age five without being overtly sexulized.

    Some parents might even find their kids are not a nuisance, but people who need both care and love, etc, etc.

    I'll admit, I'm a bit biased. I've been homeschooled my whole life (Other than college) and I don't see the appeal of public school when I have to compare both schools of thought.

    Most arguments I've heard for not homeschooling don't stand up to reality, and I think most parents are slowly seeing what I mean. I've been allowed to socialize instead of sitting on my butt for most of the day with nothing but silence.

    I would actually walk outside, and, get this... talk with the neighborhood kids and play games!

    I make money with more than just a part-time Mc-Job. And I have a productive work relationship with my co-workers too!

    So when I say "Welcome to an education where tests don't define your success, but your actual skills do!" What do you guys think?

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    Here's a great article on this subject: The Greatest Rollback of Statism in American History Has Just Occurred

    WARNING: Graphic video here.


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      Good to see positive results of this state-mandated quarantine (there are a couple of others, as an aside note).
      My New Years Resolution: 1 Peter 3:15
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      Infinite (Omnipresent) Psalm 145:3 Hebrews 4:13

      ? Yep

      Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think... Amen. -Ephesians 3:20 & 21

      ... when I became an adult, I set aside childish ways. Titus 3:10 Ephesians 4:29-32; 5:11

      Separation of church and State is not atheism "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..."