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Excellent analysis of the IG report at CT

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  • Excellent analysis of the IG report at CT

    Sundance, at CT, has done some very good analysis of the IG report. In the following article he reveals an FBI/CIA spy within the Trump campaign that no else has been talking about. He shows how the deep state inserted this guy. And he shows his evidence that the guy is a deep state shill. He lays out a very good case for his assertions.

    After you have read the article itself there is some very good analysis on the Ukraine scam by the Democrats in the comments. The very first commenter nails the Democrats to the wall. Watch the documentary on the history of the Ukraine inserted into his comments that sets the stage for what is going on in the Ukraine today, and also parse out and watch the link to the youtube video on the Magnitsky Act at the very end of his comment. It tells the real story of the Magnitsky Act and the con behind it that came out of the Ukraine. The entire Magnitsky scandal was nothing but a coverup of illegal behavior by the deep state.

    CTH was always curious why one specific member of the Trump campaign and transition team was abruptly departed (Nov 15, 2016) immediately after the visit by NSA Director Mike Rogers was scheduled, and two-days prior to their meeting. It’s a weedy question, likely only considered by those who were watching closely at the time…

    However, perhaps Inspector General Michael Horowitz has provided some background on the move.
    The rest of this excellent article can be found here.
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