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The Real Science Radio Coal Prediction & The Pattern Made by Buried Fossils

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  • The Real Science Radio Coal Prediction & The Pattern Made by Buried Fossils

    The RSR Coal Prediction & The Pattern Made by Buried Fossils

    This is the show from Friday, May 10th, 2019


    * The RSR Coal Prediction
    : Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams welcome a celebrity caller. But before that, they present yet another creation science prediction and afterward they evaluate the general pattern of burial of fossils through the geologic column. In an important development on today's program, RSR predicts that all coal, including everything worldwide already mined, all known reserves, and any deposits discovered in the future, will equal a volume less than that which could be produced from the vegetation growing at one time on the lush preflood Earth. Evolutionists claim that lignite coal began to form 250 million years ago and bituminous coal 300 million years ago and that to turn vegetation into coal, the process itself takes millions of years (of course . If this were true, it is conceivable that the total volume of coal, a non-renewable resource, could be many times greater than could be produced by the amount of vegetation growing on the Earth at any given time. So this young earth science prediction, based on our understanding of the global flood, confidentally and without fear of falsification predicts a maximum volume, based on the amount of vegetation that could have been growing at one time on the antideluvian Earth. And see!

    * Celebrity Engineer Bryan Nickel Calls In: Fresh off his five-part series Answering the HPT Heat Objections, Bryan calls in to compliment us on our Faith on the Edge interview from two weeks ago and points out why tens of thousands of engineers (including him and Fred Williams) would have to be in on the world's biggest hoax (bigger even than the Russian Hoax), if certain wild cosmology claims were true. And see!

    General Pattern of Fossil Progression Matches Flood Burial: (This observation first appeared on our flood page.) The general pattern of fossil progression is not that of an evolutionary development, as evidence by examples like the lack of backbone evolution, the whale "intermediaries" catastrophe, the missing transitionals, etc. Rather, the global pattern of buried fossils follows that of a flood burying creatures in the order of their vulnerability based on their own mobility and their habitat, from riverbeds, lakebeds, and seabeds, to the highlands. Initially, in small region by small region in what we call...
    - Precambrian layers, the lower-terrain bottom-dwelling worms, algae, bacteria, trilobites, etc., suffocated when the Flood disturbed their habitat. Then, the in-rushing floodwater sediments buried the...
    - Paleozoic Cambrian layer's bottom-dwelling hallucigenia, wiwaxia, etc., and they're somewhat more mobile trilobites, canadaspis, crustaceans and other arthropods including shrimp and lobseters, horseshoe crabs and scorpions. The...
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    - Paleozoic Ordovician to Devonian to Permian layers hold the vast cemeteries of the fishes with the Devonian layers revealing the first horestail wetlands plants and liverworts (which also grew on wet rocks). And rising through the strata layers, the turbulence and sediment finally overcame the stronger rays and sharks. Then the...
    - Mesozoic Triassic layers saw the marine depopulation of the "Permian" extinction during which 90% of marine creatures died in a "relatively" short timeperiod, along with beginning burial of the ichthyosaurs, the weaker plesiosaurs, and the smaller mammals...
    - Mesozoic Jurassic and Cretaceous layers buried the stronger swimmers like dolphins and mosasaurs, and the amphibians like toads and frogs that lived near low-lying shorelines. As sediments began to cover habitats of increasing elevation, flowering plants and grasses were buried, and a hierarchy of animals with increasing ability to flee such as reptiles, including the dinosaurs, and the mammals. (Remember, 434 mammal species have been excavated from dinosaur layers and, obviously, at least some mammals ate dinosaurs.) Birds of course, generally speaking, averted the floodwaters better than most other creatures.

    - RSR Bonus Prediction: For those listeners who read the show summaries, we offer this bonus prediction that has not yet been mentioned on air! Remember that by liquefaction, dead organisms were to some degree sorted even after burial in wet sediments. Regardless though, and without searching the literature, RSR "predicts" that:
    - fossil eggs will be found somewhat lower in strata than their hatched siblings; and that
    - a similar flood burial pattern as above would emerge, generally, for insects, with crawlers buried in lower strata and flying insects higher. And see!

    * RSR's Multiple Creation Site Search: Have you used our powerful and time-saving new Google-based search tool? Try RSR's Multiple Creation Site Search! We LOVE using this brand new tool, and it's already saved us hours of work finding the answers to our science and origins questions! (If you're ever looking for this link, we keep it handy, atop And see!

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    WARNING: Graphic video here.