Surviving the End

This is the show from Monday, May 6th, 2019


* Minnesota's Brian Lauer Plugs RSR on College Campuses: "Thanks Brian!" -Bob E.

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* She Didn’t Mean Mailmen: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney report on the firing of a woman for her utterance of controversial statements like, “I think that male people are not women”.

* Solving the Opiod Crisis: Bob asks us to imagine a society where the opiod crisis, (not to mention the epidemic of murder, rape and robbery) ends in a matter of weeks with just 3 common sense reforms of the criminal justice system.

* It’s a Boy! Is the statement made by the royal family in regards to the birth of QEII’s 7th grandchild. Your host wonder aloud how long it will be before they retract it.

* 13 Reasons: to arrest the management of Netflix now that at least one teenage girl has actually committed suicide after watching one of their sick shows promoting suicide.

* Total Recall: Doug mentions the name of Colorado’s non-existent governor in the context of supporting the effort to recall him. But that the recall should happen primarily because he’s a homo.