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Real Science Radio's Fred Williams is back celebrating creationist advances

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  • Real Science Radio's Fred Williams is back celebrating creationist advances

    RSR's Fred Williams is back celebrating creationist advances

    This is the show from Friday, May 3rd, 2019


    While Real Science Radio's been busy with our Heat series on the global flood, Fred Williams has been noticing our street cred piling up. Dr. Brian Thomas gives us a shout out in an Acts & Facts cover story on our dinosaur soft tissue spreadsheet. Tim Mahoney thanks RSR for helping to strengthen the Patterns of Evidence Exodus argument (hear audio from the film). Then Fred recalls that molecular biologist Matthew Cserhati (with CMI as of March 2019) concedes his "orfan gene" bet with Enyart acknowledging the research trend that now points toward the RSR prediction that far fewer "related, evolutionary" genes exist than single-genome orfan genes!

    * Acts & Facts RSR Shout Out: Brian Thomas' great Acts & Factscover story article exposes another rescue device in the evolutionist's hopes of saving deep time from dinosaur soft tissue. From ICR's March 2019 issue with RSR photoshopping Brian and an excerpt onto the truncated cover...

    * Excerpt: "About 10 years ago, I began tracking reports of soft tissue discoveries in fossils. By 2013, I had compiled a list of around 40 secular technical journal articles that describe either literal soft tissues or tissue remnants that include protein framents and original biochemistry in [allegedly very old fossils. Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart and I continue to curate that growing list online. In November 2018, it surpassed 101 journal articles." At it's now reached 105 papers!
    WARNING: Graphic video here.