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Flat Earth Circular Logic: The Hot New Documentary!

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  • Flat Earth Circular Logic: The Hot New Documentary!

    Flat Earth Circular Logic: The Hot New Documentary!

    This is the show from Friday, April 26th, 2019


    Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews The Creation Guys Kyle Justice and Pat Roy about their latest hit, Faith on the Edge: Flat Earth Documentary. They talk to experts including:
    - Apollo 16 astronaut Gen. Charlie Duke
    - Astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner
    - Hebrew professor (from Christopher Cone's Calvary University!) Dr. Steven Boyd, and
    - Victor Brewer, Aerial Image Solutions.

    Some of the highlights:
    - the recreation of the UK's famous Bedford Level experiment (now with accurate and predictable results)
    - explaining why the Chicago skyline jumps up and down when photographed from across Lake Michigan (except for on cold days)
    - watching a container ship sail toward Europe from the East Coast
    - amazing astronomical observations in the southern hemisphere (including the Sun never setting!)
    - the launch of a weather balloon to conduct a breakthrough experiment.

    Faith on the Edge made an RSR staffer say, "I've got to buy this for my grandkids!). The guys also present the flat earthers' claim that they take the Bible literally, but of course, not for any of the verses that contradict their syndrome, such as that God "hangs the Earth upon nothing" and "from the rising of the sun".

    And from our own page…

    Have you noticed that the "man in the moon"
    is upside down in the southern hemisphere?

    See for yourself! Compared to viewing it from the northern hemisphere, the Moon appears upside down in the southern hemisphere, which is a simple cure for the flat earth syndrome:

    Accomplished! Thanks guys! BEL Minor YouTube Milestone Request: "Hi guys! Bob Enyart here. We're almost at 2,700 subscribers (it's free!) to our BEL YouTube channel. If you're interested, can you click on over to, subscribe and "hit the bell"? (Whatever in the world that last bit means.) Thanks so much!"
    WARNING: Graphic video here.