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    Stop Fluidofiling!

    This is the show from Monday, October 15th, 2018


    * Boy Assaults Girl in Restroom: But instead the headline refers to a “transgender bathroom” and the story gets worse and more confusing and more alarming after that!

    * Race Mongering: Today we lodge an official complaint against all the politicians and media types dragging the national conversation through the offensive and dangerous topic of race.

    * Hell’s Kitchen: Listen in as Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney reveals thatMayor Bill de Blasio has signed a law requiring a third “gender” on birth certificates to further confuse and condemn the people on New York.

    * The Normal and the Heteronormative: Our allies in the former Great Britain at the BBC are on the warpath against “heteronormative culture”, (formerly known simply as “culture”).

    * To Thine Own Self… A whining lesbian in the Student Senate at Ohio University now faces criminal charges for sending threatening notescriticizing lesbians to herself.

    * Trading Genesis 1:27: We report on the creeping adoption of “homo-normative” culture at Christian Colleges across the nation.

    * Civil Service Test: Find out about a Pennsylvania legislator who introduced a bill to DRUG TEST all sitting lawmakers!

    * DNA Database: It seems that the national DNA database we at Bob Enyart Live have been calling for is being assembled by the free market and the invisible hand of God!

    * Domestic Tranquility: And no matter what outrageous and ridiculous stories we cover, we must not neglect to lament the awful tragedy that is the destruction of the American family that lies at the heart of all un-civility.

    * An NFL That Could Have Been: Tune in and catch a vision from your host about what football might look like in Denver had the Broncos kept both Manning and Tebow
    WARNING: Graphic video here.