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Never Before Heard Columbine Recordings Pt. I

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  • Never Before Heard Columbine Recordings Pt. I

    Never Before Heard Columbine Recordings Pt. I

    Thursday April 20th, 2006. This is show # 79.

    (From Brian Rohrbough)
    [The police's] official report said [Rachel Scott] was the first one to die. But we now know that Rachel Scott was the 12th victim to die. The only one to die after her was Dave Sanders, the teacher, and that Rachel Scott was injured and layed there and died 12th. We know that factually. We know it from video clips. We know it from the rescue attempt made that's also on video from the paramedics and the fireman, police. And there is no question about it.

    But they lied about it because they wanted it to fit a time frame where they said no one was injured or died outside when they were there, that they got there after all of that happened. And, of course, by saying that Rachel died quickly or before they got there then they didn't have to deal with, "What were you doing when you were there?" And that, from the very beginning, was one of their big issues: "How do we tell a story that fits to make people let us off the hook for not doing our job."
    * On the seventh anniversary of the Columbine murders, Danny Rohrbough's dad, Brian Rohrbough, plays startling recordings revealing that Columbine could have been prevented!
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    WARNING: Graphic video here.