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Real Science Radio: Pat Roy of Jonathan Park Fame now with Genesis Apologetics

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  • Real Science Radio: Pat Roy of Jonathan Park Fame now with Genesis Apologetics

    Pat Roy of Jonathan Park Fame now with Genesis Apologetics

    This is the show from Friday, September 30th, 2016


    Pat Roy, a bigger star to Real Science Radio even than the NHL's Patrick Roy, is the creator of the Jonathan Park Adventure Series! On today's program Bob Enyart interviews Roy who is now with a public school outreach in California called Genesis Apologetics making classroom drama YouTube videos. And when Pat Roy bought 120,000 wristbands that say, the anti-Christian printer donated $4,000 to the anti-creationist Eugenie Scott (see
    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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    Awesome video!!! I hope others watch. It is only a little over 3 minutes...Well worth sharing with others.

    Speaking of faith.....
    A number of years ago I was in a large sanctuary. It was filled with young people eagerly waiting on the guest speaker to preach about our origins. After several minutes of anticipation the speaker entered from the back. Silence fell over the auditorium as he glided up the stairs, going to the pulpit. He opened this big book. He looked over the audience and cleared his throat. Then in a rather pompous voice announced "This year in biology class we will discuss our origins. This class will be taught along the lines of what Richard Dawkins says " if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane"

    Although my story is partly made up, it accurately reflects the pressure put on students to remove their thinking caps when evolution is discussed. (Dawkins quote is accurate). The public school system wants to teach students WHAT to think..... as opposed to HOW to think.

    Additional..... I posted this previously on the topic...
    "It is in the mind and hearts of our children that the battle will be won".
    Christians... this should be our rallying call to make sure we teach our children... grandchildren... the children in our communities. The Bible provides many references telling us the importance of teaching. (See Prov. 22:6). Unfortunately, there are many secularists who wish to indoctrinate our children.
    (The above quote is from a blog of someone who is anti Bible ).
    Many of these people are extremely opposed to parents exposing their children to creationist teaching, because they want your children indoctrinated in evolutionism.
    Christian parents..... keep in mind the words of this topic. The humanists.. secularists...atheists are fighting for the minds of our children.

    Watch the video..... Prepare your kids and grandkids, or they will be indoctrinated into a secular faith.
    Without Genesis, absolutely nothing makes sense in all of Scripture.