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Audio Track of Focus on the Strategy II

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  • Audio Track of Focus on the Strategy II

    Audio Track of Focus on the Strategy II

    This is the show from Tuesday, June 28th, 2016


    As a sequel to yesterday's program, Bob Enyart now presents the audio of Part 2 of the trilogy titled, Focus on the Strategy. This documentary series, produced for American Right To Life, has appearances from ARTL friends including Notre Dame law professor Charles Rice, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Life Dynamic's Mark Crutcher, American Life League president Judie Brown, and founding board member of Nat'l RTL and Americans United for Life John Archibold. And you'll hear also from a Focus on the Family staff member, radio host Hugh Hewitt, LifeNews publisher Steve Ertelt, talk host Laura Ingraham, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, and finally, Dr. James Dobson, all caught revealing the most shocking truths. Part 2 of the series is credited by many with being instrumental in the launch of the modern personhood movement and the effort to protect every child, without exception, by love and by law.
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    WARNING: Graphic video here.